10 Christmas Stocking Stuffers That Are Perfect for the Holidays

September means only one thing: the start of the ‘ber months, and therefore, the start of the Pinoy Christmas season. And because it isn’t too early to share Jose Mari Chan memes, or sing along to your favorite carols when they play inside the malls—it isn’t too early to get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

No, take our advice on this one—it’s never too early to start shopping for stocking stuffers for your loved ones, while threats of crowded malls and carmaggedon-level traffic jams loom in the near future. Luckily enough, browsing through Poundit and other local businesses makes Christmas shopping a breeze, all in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re excited to start mixing and matching gift combos—and you want to pre-emptively save your time and part of your Christmas bonus—here’s our selection of the perfect stocking stuffers for this season. Plus points to you for choosing gift ideas that are creative, useful, and affordable, as well as just the right size for a Christmas stocking!

Geekkery Charging Cables

Here at Poundit, we’re proud to showcase our homegrown brand, Geekkery Cables. Geekkery was born out of a desire to make top-quality charging cables that wouldn’t fall apart after less than one month of usage.

Any one of our Geekkery charging cables would make for an awesome stocking stuffer. They’re durable, lightweight, and colorfully designed to boot. Find out what gadgets your loved ones bring with them on-the-go, and match them up with the right cable type (Lightning, Type-C, or Micro-USB) and the right color and style for their personality.

SD Cards and OTG Devices

If you want to talk about gifts that will be great all year round, small memory and storage peripherals should be at the top of that list. We recommend SD card and OTG devices to be some of the best stocking stuffers.

Poundit has a wide lineup of quality MicroSD cards and storage drives, of different storage capacities and price points. Regardless, you’ll have your recipients thanking their lucky stars for that extra boost in memory space.

Power banks

Life will get hectic after the Christmas season, and demand that all of you be back to “full power.” Make this easier on your loved ones by gifting them with power banks for their gadgets so that charging up will never be a problem.

Poundit’s assortment of power banks ranges from the heavy-duty to the very slim. Whether your loved one is a power-user of their gadget, or just needs an extra battery to keep up with their mobile data usage, a power bank will prove a handy companion.

Wireless or Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless, hands-off technology is now a norm among gadget users. That’s why, we’re pretty sure that wireless or Bluetooth earphones will be a welcome treat for any recipient, be they a hardcore music fan or an exercise junkie who needs music for their daily regimen.

Shop for wireless, hands-free earphones in Poundit’s collection, and have a great time selecting among all available earphone shapes, colors, and compatibility types. For sure, new ear candy is the perfect motivator to jog off all that Christmas weight!


Want to know the perfect pocket-sized stuffer for your designated tito or tita of Manila? Check out the array of balms available from local beauty and wellness brand Oryspa. Their products, handcrafted with natural ingredients like 100% natural rice bran and rice bran oil, are easy to use and carry around.

Among others, we’d like to pitch for products like the Rice Bran Curry Balm for pain relief, and the Rice Bran Meditation Balm for relaxation. Help soothe the mild headaches and joint pains that are now commonplace among millennial titos and titas.

Steel Straw Sets

Would you and your friends like to embark on a zero-waste journey in the coming year? For those whose New Year’s resolution involves taking better care of the environment, we recommend GoZero PH’s assortment of reusable products.

GoZero sells bent-shaped, straight, and wide milk tea-type steel straws, as well as cleaning brushes and handwoven tikog pouches for easy cleaning and transfer. These are ideal stocking stuffers for those who want to reduce their dependence on single-use plastic, while at the same time still enjoying their favorite drinks.

Handcrafted Goods

Stuff the stockings of your crafty, artsy friends with handmade goodies from local craft brands like Likha Handcrafted Bags. Likha is a local artisan brand that sells beautiful and affordable canvas, leather, and burlap bags and accessories.

Gift your loved one with a small leather item like a pen case, notebook cover, or passport sleeve from Likha. For an additional fee, you can also opt to personalize the item with their name or initials.

Another local crafts brand you should check out is Olivia and Diegio, a social enterprise that creates handmade upcycled jewelry and works with communities of stay-at-home mothers and human trafficking survivors. Their awesome cotton-and-metal bracelets are just the perfect size for any Christmas stockings!

Shampoo Bars

Another stocking-sized option that will be great for beauty aficionados and advocates of the environment are shampoo bars. Local beauty brand SUDs PH has formulated their own line of shampoo bars with natural, sustainable ingredients.

Help your loved ones clear space in their bathroom and get healthy, shiny hair with a shampoo bar. Each bar typically lasts for as many as 100 shower cycles, which makes it a long-lasting type of Christmas gift.

Similar naked shampoo bars are available from Lush Philippines and from other local brands like Tree Maria, Zero Basics, and Got Heart Shop.

Chocolates Inspired by Filipino Food

Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo? How about Milk Chocolate Adobo, Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, Milk Chocolate Turon, or Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Salt? These sumptuous chocolate flavors are all available from Theo & Philo, a local artisan chocolate maker that sources cacao beans from Davao and sugar from Bacolod.

In case you are wondering, the “Theo” in their name comes from Theobroma cacao, the scientific name of the cacao tree, while the “Philo” part comes from the Greek word philos, which means “love.”

Vegetarian Chicharon

Lastly, for your loved ones who want to prioritize their health in the coming year, fill their stockings with healthy and delicious snacks, like the Chichashroom from Vegetari Healthy Bites.

Your gift recipient won’t feel deprived if given a tasty option like crispy, well-seasoned mushroom-based chicharon. They also sell a snack called Seacharon, which—you guessed it—is made from seaweed! Share Christmas goodies that have all of the enjoyment, but less of the guilt!

And there you have it—nine ideas for perfect stocking stuffers for this Christmas season of 2018. Here’s to your Christmas preps in the coming ‘ber months!