10 Stellar Gift Ideas for Your Monito or Monita This Christmas Holiday

“Monito-monita”—also commonly known as “Secret Santa” or “Kris Kringle”—is the time-honored activity of exchanging gifts in the Philippines during the Christmas season. You’ve probably first encountered the monito-monita tradition during your school days, and it now lives on in your office Christmas parties or annual family reunions.

The monito-monita activity usually starts like this: early on in the Christmas season, people draw names from a box to determine a gift recipient known as the respective “monito” or “monita,” or the “Kris Kringle baby.” The gift can be for a particular recipient, but sometimes gifts are also raffled off randomly. Everyone typically follows a price cap—buying gifts in a particular price range, spending no more than that amount—or, in a fun twist, choosing gifts that follow a particular theme, such as “something blue,” “something wearable,” “something round,” “something musical,” and the like.

Regardless of the hard-and-fast rules, Filipinos truly love the monito-monita tradition. They look forward not only to the gifts themselves, but also the element of surprise that comes with unboxing them. And when they learn the identity of the gift-giver, they become grateful for the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

Are you ready to make someone’s Christmas a truly stellar one this year? Put a next-level spin on this tradition by gifting your assigned monito or monito some of our suggested gifts!


Something for the die-hard adventurer

For an adventurer to feel like they’ve won the jackpot, add the newly-released GoPro HERO7 to your gift lineup. The HERO7, GoPro’s latest offering, sports a 12 MP camera with a HyperSmooth mode (for extremely stable filming), 4K 60fps video capture, waterproof design, and upgraded social media integration features like Livestream. This will be a phenomenal Christmas gift for a monito or monita who is a traveler and loves the outdoors—and wants the most awesome footages to share to the world.


Something for the techie

We all have that one friend, officemate, or relative who’s always in the know about the latest mobile phone technologies. If you end up getting an Android tech fan as your monito or monita, the Asus Zenfone MAX Plus M1 is an optimal gift. The Zen UI-based smartphone is a bang for the buck and hosts specs that can rival high-end competitors—a 5.7” display, the premium feel of 2.5D curved glass, crystal-clear 8 MP dual rear and front cameras, 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB expandable memory.


Something to keep great memories in

By this, we mean real, usable peripherals such as SD cards for intangible memories. Help your monito or monita store their files, photos, and videos with a classic product like the SanDisk microSDHC Card 32 GB. It retails for less than PHP500 here at Poundit, and is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. You can also check out our vast collection of OTG devices, such as the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Type C OTG 16GB for Android devices and the Silicon Power Z30 OTG 64GB for Apple devices.

Something that won’t bend or break

Cables are the perfect unisex gift appropriate for all ages, whether that person has a smartphone or a tablet. Poundit’s own in-house brand, Geekkery Cables, guarantees a stop to low-quality cables with only week-long warranties. Either a monito or monita would appreciate a Micro-USB or Lightning-type cable to juice their gadgets up for heavy use during the holiday season.

Something for the long haul

Another type of gift that any monito or monita would love is a hardy but lightweight power bank.  For starters, Poundit sells the efficient, credit card-sized Asus ZenPower Power Bank (10050mAh) in five gorgeous, eye-popping metallic colors. This power bank will be a handy carry-along especially in Metro Manila, where people need the energy to plow through monstrous Christmas traffic, long lines, and long nights out celebrating.

Something for the big talker

If your monito or monita always has their hands full and always has someone else on the other line, then the perfect gift is a wireless headset. The Sony MBH20 Multiple Compatible Wireless Headset, readily available on Poundit, can connect to more than one phone at the same time through Bluetooth, all while boasting single-touch, hands-free call capabilities.

Something for the TV junkie

Did you draw a monito or monita who’s a big TV head? Get them updated on their favorite series—whether it’s Game of Thrones, House of Cards, or Stranger Things—with a streaming device that can handle all their binge-watching needs. Poundit’s pick is the Google Chromecast, which features a small form factor but packs a lot of punch. All they need to do is plug and cast from their mobile devices, and they’ll be able to enjoy all their favorite TV shows and movies.


Something for the beach bum

Source: woven.ph

For a Kris Kringle baby who’d love nothing more than sun, sand, and sea for the holidays, purchase a quality local handicraft like the colorful and intricate circular woven mats from Woven PH. Woven PH is a social enterprise that showcases the craftsmanship of weavers from Basey, Samar, in its products. Let your monito or monita enjoy leisurely sunbathing at the beach, and support a great cause at the same time!

Something for the nature lover

source: loudbasstard-asia.com

On the subject of locally made artisan gifts, you may also want to give an outdoorsy monito or monita a specialty item like a bamboo amplifier from Loudbasstard. The wood-crafted product from the cheekily-named Cebu-based brand will naturally amplify their phone’s speaker, all without the need to plug it in.

Something for the bookworm or beleaguered student

Source: papemelroti.com

If your monito or monita is still in school—and if they love books, or will need to read a lot anyway—an awesome gift would be their own reading bookstand from Papemelroti. Papemelroti is already a household name for gifts like stationery and standees, but they also sell larger desk accessories like bookstands. This will help ensure that your monito or monita can read their books at an upright angle, thus reducing eyestrain, headaches, and neck-aches. This is also a great back-to-school gift, as well as an awesome accessory to bring for light reading at a coffee shop.

An advanced Merry Christmas to all the festive givers and recipients! On behalf of Poundit, we hope the big gift reveals are a blast!