20 Treats to Look Forward to During Poundit’s Audio @ 20% Off Sale

Halloween candies aren’t the only type of treat you should look forward to in the coming week—for us at Poundit, ‘tis also the season to be showcasing ear candy, and with our Audio @ 20% Off Sale, we’ve got a whole lot of it to share!

From October 25 to November 3, 2018, you can grab your favorite audio products from Poundit at a significant discount. Available on sale are our top-quality earphones, headphones, speakers, and music players. Let’s take a closer look!


If there’s something we’re proud of at Poundit, it’s our big assortment of earphones from both big and upcoming brands. So, it’s doubly awesome that some of the highest-quality models are on sale right now!

Earphones are typically the most convenient option for private listening. Hardy, slim, and ultra-portable earphones are must-haves for anyone on the go, whether they’re listening to music to survive a long day’s commute or they’re catching up on a web series on their computers. Some of the models we sell even come with microphones and Bluetooth compatibility.

Below are Poundit’s recommendations for top-quality earphone purchases. Pick the color, length, and style that you prefer.


Headphones are also a great solution for private listening, and they’re a must-have if you want a bigger boost in sound quality. Who doesn’t love the feeling of slipping a comfortable pair of headphones over their ears, and then turning the volume way up? They also afford plus points fashion-wise, and walking around the metro and jamming out with your headphones should make you look and feel pretty cool.

Choose from these headphones on sale to experience superior bass tones and surround-like audio quality wherever you go.


Speakers have evolved quickly in terms of quality over the years, to the benefit of all audiophiles. Gone are the days of lugging around huge, bulky boom boxes, and then having to plug them in. Today’s speaker technology enables us to own little powerhouses that can be carried around in our bag pockets, already pre-charged for an overnight campout or a sound trip at the beach.

In addition, conventional plug-in speakers have evolved so much that surround-sound is easily achievable in a home theater, or as part of a DIY gaming setup on a PC.

From small and portable units to more heavy-duty speaker tech, Poundit’s got everything—and it’s all selling out fast! Here are our top speaker picks we think you should check out this week.

Music Players

How best to curate the soundtrack of your life? Probably the way you’ve been doing so since the early 2000s: with your music player. Contrary to popular belief, Spotify and Apple Music haven’t completely killed off the music player. Some modern iterations of this handy device, like those of the new-and-improved Sony Walkman models, have a cult following going for them.

Want to rediscover playback quality that compares to that of smartphones and tablets without the additional bells and whistles? Poundit invites you to buy any one of these music players on sale in our store.

With so many treats available at our Audio @ 20% Off Sale, we feel like these 20 items are a good starting point. Happy shopping, audiophiles! Here’s to our next big sound trip together!