5 Common GoPro Problems and How to Solve Them

5 Common GoPro Problems and How to Solve Them

Out of the box, the GoPro action camera works wonders when it comes to shooting from angles that weren’t even possible. Thanks to its wearable feature, people could enjoy their sports while documenting the moment right through their eyes.

Yet despite that advantage, there are certain slip-ups that can happen. These include videos freezing, SD Card compatibility, firmware update problems, and even Bluetooth connection issues with the GoPro App.

According to the GoPro official site’s Most Helpful Articles section, the models listed on the troubleshooting section for the issues mentioned above include the HERO+, HERO Session, HERO3, the HERO3+, HERO4 and the HERO4 Session. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems GoPro users have, and how to solve them.

  1. Camera freezingThis is most common problem, which has a variety of causes. However, the usual culprit stems from firmware that isn’t updated. This can be resolved by using the GoPro App to update the firmware.

    If your GoPro app has been updated to version 2.3 or greater, you now have the option to wirelessly update your HERO series cameras using the app itself. Earlier camera models cannot be updated in this way, and you need to download the firmware from the site itself.

    Using a compatible smartphone or tablet, connect to the internet and download the update, which is about 25MB. The GoPro camera must have at least 2 bars of battery life and an SD card inserted for the update to start. Remember to switch on the camera’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions to load the new firmware to the device.

  2. GoPro App camera connection problemsThis usually happens when the camera’s Wi-Fi network can’t be found by your mobile device. There will also be a message that can either say “Connect Your Camera,” “Wi-Fi Network Not Connected,” or “Connection Lost” on your GoPro App.

    One solution for this is to manually reconnect your GoPro.

    Go to your smartphone’s list of paired devices in the Bluetooth settings, then delete the camera from there. Next, you need to remove the camera from GoPro App’s menu. Open the GoPro App and select “Connect Your Camera.” From the main camera screen, select “Edit” to delete the device. Once these steps are done, you need to pair your camera as a new device. Simply follow the steps listed on your instruction manual to re-register the GoPro camera to your app and phone.

  3. Mobile playback quality is poorUnfortunately, the solution to this lies in your choice of smartphone or tablet. While your GoPro can shoot high-resolution video, not all mobile devices can support playing back video in HD. Unsupported playback modes will not only cause freezing; you will not be able to totally play the videos on your phone. However, you can still transfer them from your camera to your computer.

    For a list of resolutions and playback options, refer to this list.

  4. SD Card isn’t recognizedThe GoPro Hero Series supports a wide array of SD cards. If the camera’s screen reads “SD ERR” or “NO SD” then your SD card is either faulty, corrupted, or has an incompatible format.

    Usually, a class-4 SD Card will work for the HD HERO and HD HERO2. Meanwhile, a class-10 is recommended for the HD HERO3. While a class-4 card can work, it might become corrupted when filming in higher resolutions.

    It’s also highly recommended to format the SD card within the GoPro camera itself. That way, the camera will have an easier time reading and writing to the card. For more detailed steps on formatting your SD Card for specific GoPro HERO models, refer to this tutorial. You can also check this chart for a list of compatible microSD cards that your camera can handle.

  5. GoPro Camera’s Wi-Fi network can’t be detectedIf your camera’s Wi-Fi network can’t be found on your phone’s or tablet’s wireless settings menu, the usual fix is to restart your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi connection. Once that’s done, you need to switch off the GoPro camera and switch it on again.

    Be sure you set the camera to GoPro App or Phone/Tablet mode. When you see a Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of the camera’s screen, this means your device can now connect to the GoPro camera. If the problem persists, you may need to redo the camera’s firmware update.

    It’s also recommended to turn off your device firewalls while connecting to the camera’s Wi-Fi network to ensure a stable signal. Apps that affect data compression and transfer, plus your device’s APN settings, can also conflict with the GoPro App. Try to uninstall those apps to restore your APN settings to default. The GoPro App should then work with or without Airplane mode enabled.

We hope that this quick tutorial helps you fix your GoPro. Happy filming!