5 GoPro Accessories to Take on Your Next Adventure Out of Town

5 GoPro Accessories to Take on Your Next Adventure Out of Town

You don’t necessarily have to be a pro to use a GoPro action camera. With its point-and-shoot operation and super-compact design, the GoPro can take high-resolution photos and videos no matter the kind of adventure you choose to take it to.

Do you want to take your action shots to a whole new level? Here are five accessories that every GoPro owner should have.

Rechargeable Batteries

This is perhaps the number one accessory that every GoPro owner should invest in. The GoPro Hero5 Black can last up to 2 hours on its video function, but that isn’t nearly enough especially for prolific adventurers. Using a remote and keeping the LCD display on can eat up that precious battery life even further. You don’t want your camera running out of juice just when the action is beginning to pick up, do you?

Check out Poundit’s range of batteries and chargers for the GoPro, so you never have to worry about missing the best action shots again.

Camera Mounts

While it’s built and marketed as an action camera, the GoPro is no doubt also useful in more casual situations like taking group photos or filming a vlog indoors. Having a camera mount will not only result in clearer (read: steadier) shots, but also more creative perspectives.

Poundit offers a wide array of camera mounts for your GoPro. For one that’s as versatile as the camera itself, check out the GoPro 3-Way camera mount that functions as a tripod, folding extension arm, and camera grip.

You can also browse through a selection of different mounts for different activities, like a bike seat mount, chest mount, and even a pet harness for some truly unique shots.

Leashes and Floaties

Buying a GoPro in the Philippines is certainly a big investment. You definitely don’t want to lose it and the many photos and videos of your adventures.

A regular camera wrist leash that you can clamp or cinch more securely works well with the GoPro. If you’re more of a water adventurer, invest in brightly colored floaties like red, yellow, or orange, so you can spot your GoPro easily when you accidentally lose it in the water. There are also floatie poles and mounts if you prefer using your GoPro with hand grips.

Dive Case

The Hero5 Black is already waterproof up to 10 meters without a casing. However, if you want to take your GoPro to new heights — or in this case, depths — you can invest in a dive case that allows you to take your GoPro down to 60 meters for those beautiful underwater shots.

If you’re worried about picture quality once the camera is already in the case, check out the GoPro Hero5 “Super Suit.” It has a flat lens cover that ensures the sharpness of your photos both in and out of the water.

GoPro Karma

Take your GoPro camera higher — literally — with aerial or drone photography. It’s a popular technique used nowadays, especially for shooting wedding videos, capturing cityscapes, nature photography, and more.

If you’re looking for a reliable drone for your GoPro camera here in the Philippines, there’s nothing better than the GoPro Karma. It’s compact and lightweight, easy to operate, and is compatible with the Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session, and Hero4 Silver and Black.

The GoPro is already versatile all on its own, but with the wealth of accessories that you can use for almost any kind of situation, this small camera truly lives up to its tagline “The Most Versatile Camera in the World.”