5 Things to be Thankful for in Today’s Digital World

People often get the impression that I’m anti-technology, having penned all these posts about the pitfalls of digital addiction. But the truth is that I love the internet. I love my smartphone. I cannot live without wifi.

Granted, I’m a lot more low tech than most digital natives and techies out there, but that doesn’t mean I completely shun technology. Far from it! For one, I’ve built my work at home mommy gig around having decent wifi access. Also, I stay sane and connected to the outside world through the support of a community of Facebook fellow WAHMies. Really, I can’t complain. Technology is wonderful. Hi-tech is great.

Here are a few more awesome things that I can attribute to our wired, interconnected world.

Online shopping
We take this for granted on a day to day basis, but stop to consider just how convenient this is.

No need to go to store.

No need to manually pull out your wallet for payment.

With a a click of a mouse button, the thing you covet is already there.

You can stay in your jammies and have that item delivered right to your doorstep.

Click, click, and then bam! Instant retail therapy gratification!

Instant access to facts and data. Google, anyone?

Many lament the fact that kids are dependent on google for facts, not having time to memorize the way the old folks did. But seriously, is rote memorization really all that necessary?

I’m not a fan of memorizing data. It’s boring and dull. With the ability to find facts via Google, you’re left with more brainpower for creativity and make connections instead of it taking up space storing dry data and mindless figures.

Data only becomes relevant within he right context. Besides, if it’s a subject you’re really passionate about and believe in, you will take the time to know all these dry data, because it matters and make sense to you. You weren’t’ force fed data without a purpose other than to get a good grade in memorization.

Instant photo
If you’re a digital native, it’s hard to appreciate the fact that you can take selfless and photos within seconds as well as the ability to share them instantly. No need to buy film. No more waiting for the film to develop. No more costs for paper. No more time wasted.

Who doesn’t love the smartphone? Back in the 90’s, these were all the clunky equipment we had to use to enjoy multi-media:

music (walkman, portable DVD player)
cameras (film!!)
video cameras (videocams)
DVD players
VHS players
CD players

That thing you have in your hand there, your smartphone? Totally revolutionary.

I’m revealing my old-school bias here, but this has totally transformed my world, as a freelance writer. The first paid writing gig did had to be typed up on A4 coupon bond paper, double spaced, and then delivered to the publication for submission.

Today there are actually other easier, faster, more efficient means to post articles (Trello, Google Drive, to name a couple that I use). So I get to focus on the task of actually writing instead of worrying about the administrative stuff that used to take up so much of my energy.

I’ve barely scratched the surface here. There are so many more high tech innovations being invented even as I write this. The ones I’ve enumerated above are just some of the things that we’ve come to enjoy, conveniences that we take for granted in our day to day lives.

What gadget or which specific aspect of your digital lifestyle are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments section.