5 Things You’ll Learn About Japan From Poundit’s New Show, Trabilog

5 Things You'll Learn About Japan From Poundit's New Show, Trabilog


Did you like the first episode of Poundit’s new travel show, Trabilog?

We have a couple more things we think you’ll love to learn about Japan. Including:

1. Where to find Hachiko in Japan


2. What ¥800 (P300+) can get you at the Tsukiji Fish Market…

Tsukiji Fish Market street food

3. … and what time to go there to get the freshest seafood

king crabs

4. Where to find the best “toys” to bring home to your friends or loved ones

toys in japan

5. What’s the best camera for traveling and shooting with one hand when you’re busy having your tummy rubbed

GoPro Hero 5 Black

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6. What the Japanese word for electric fan is.
Trust me. You’ll want to know. Stay tuned for Episode 2 to find out.