6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

Gone were the days when every phones’ battery lasted up to 2 days and batteries nowadays aren’t even replaceable. You’re not home and it’s really a hassle not having to carry a power bank with you when the inevitable happens – 2% left on your phone’s battery. It’s only been a few hours since you saw it at 70% and you wonder what could be causing the rapid drain.

Here are some the most important power saver tips for your Android phone:

Avoid installing unnecessary and harmful apps

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

Make sure to check the reviews first

Here are just some that we know about:

Apps that claim to save RAM – Apps that claim to manage your phone’s RAM may be really holding up to their promises. But it is important to note that Android is already doing a very good job managing your phone’s performance. So what do you these apps for? Additional apps like these only take up a chunk of your phone’s battery life through ads and mobile data usage.

“Cleaning” apps – Cleaning apps, like, Clean Master, claim to improve your phone’s performance through space optimization. Deleted apps sometimes do leave some files behind in the cache, but then again, Android’s settings can be utilized to clean these up. Just the same, this will only take a chip off your phone’s battery life through ads and mobile data usage.

ES File Explorer – while this has a good user rating, it incessantly notifies you about space usage, ads, etc. and you don’t have an option to turn off push notifications.

There are more and too many to list down here but In general, it would be good to first assess your needs vs what your phone can already perform before installing a phone maintenance app. Oh yeah, I have excluded games from this list because while we already know they’re number 1 power suckers, there is a need for them by some people (like me). They serve a different purpose and can be played at home.

Use good apps that help you manage your phone’s battery life

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

Let them sleep

Here are some that we know about:

Greenify – Greenify helps a lot managing your phone’s power by letting you efficiently put apps you’re not using into hibernation and not operate in the background. It conveniently identifies apps that wake up your phone often and keeps them from doing that. While there are other apps that do the same, this one’s recommended by experts to be the best.

Gsam Battery Monitor – It doesn’t perform battery saving operations like Greenify but will list down everything that uses up your phone’s power. It gives data about how much power is being used by each app, wakelocks, wake times, CPU, and sensors. You can use this information to better manage your phone’s battery life.

Use plain black wallpaper

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

The darker, the better

AMOLED screens (for most Samsung devices) illuminate colored pixels and not the black ones. Allowing your screen to only have a few colored pixels will not use much of your phone’s power. It’ll be plain, but well, less is more, and less is hip, right? You can also use dark colored ones if plain black isn’t your thing. Just the same, they will be less lit than brighter colored pixels.

Turn off auto-brightness

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

Manual is better than matic

No other part of any phone discharges a phone battery more than the screen. You don’t really want to have your brightness setting adjusted automatically. More usual than not, the auto brightness level is way more than what you need to see the screen. Instead, you can just set the level to the lowest (or whatever level your eyes feel comfortable with) and adjust manually only if needed.

Turn off features you are not currently using

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

I wonder what the weather is… better check my phone

This one includes Wifi and Mobile data usage when you don’t have to be connected. The process of connecting to the internet when you turn them on doesn’t consume a lot of power as some have claimed they would. Leaving them on, however, allows some apps to work in the background and ads to come in when you’re using free apps.

Widgets that use the internet also count, such as weather widgets. What more can they do than tell the weather condition? Seriously, would you always need to know what the weather is when you are already outside? In other places, you ask? You can Google that if you have to know. Other types of widgets like these include email checkers, content delivery, and messengers.

The auto-syncing feature for Google accounts can be turned off. Unless you are deep in your work and you’re using your phone for it (which is very unlikely because offices have computers,) you won’t really need to sync everything to all of your accounts every 15 minutes.

Update your apps when they need to be updated

6 Ways to Save Battery on your Android Smartphone

Update your apps at home where there’s wifi and charging is an option!

Developers include battery usage optimization of apps from time to time and it’s good to have these by updating your apps regularly. In the settings, you can check app conditions as far as battery usage or, as mentioned above, use the GSam Battery Monitor after an update to see if they are optimized for battery life.

Aside from apps, we’d also like to keep you updated with more tips so watch out for more of these! Oh yeah, we have an alternative to avoid going through all these tips. It never hurts to make use of powerbanks. These are available at Poundit.com!