7 ATE 9

7 ATE 9

“What happened to the iPhone 9?”

I’m sure you’ll have heard the “7 ate 9” joke once or twice (or most probably more) when you and your family, friends or officemates talk about the strange skip after the iPhone 8was launched and subsequently went straight to the X (which is pronounced TEN in case you missed it, it’s actually the roman numeral X).

Late last year some speculation came up as to the reason behind the skip, reasons like “it’s to differentiate the releases of the year from last”, how “it’s a clever marketing trick by Apple”, something to do with the “X factor” to the even more interesting “It’s the curse of the 9” theory to just plain ol’ because they can. Although entertaining theories they may be, the real reason behind it isn’t a rambunctious one.

iPhone X

The X in the iPhone X marks the 10 year anniversary of the first release of the iPhone by Steve Jobs at MacWorld back in 2007. That was when the world of consumer electronics would change forever. That day, Jobs launched a phone ahead of any other phone available at the time by years! Not because it was souped up full of the latest cutting edge features, all phones were utilizing those too some even more so than others. To put simply, the iPhone was such an innovative piece of technology. It wasn’t just any game-changer in the consumer electronics world. It was THE game-changer. Apple (whether anti-apple folks will admit it or not) re-invented the phones we had back then to the way we know (and LOVE) our smartphones to be to this day.


Thinking of that moment, the first sneak peak of the iPhone back in 2007 and where the trajectory of the iPhone technology is going now, one can’t help but get excited and perhaps even optimistic about the future of Apple’s iPhone. For all we know, the iPhone 9 is in the works and on the way with another great game-changing innovation— or maybe 7 ate 9.

Either way, the iPhone X is looking GOOD.