7 Changes in Dining Habits Due to Technology

7 Changes in Dining Habits Due to Technology

Since the Internet boomed and the first smartphone was introduced, many of our everyday habits have changed, especially those revolving around eating. Hence, we’ve prepared an infographic detailing some of these changes below:

7 Changes in Dining Habits - Infographic


If the image above is not loading properly, here’s a text-only version of it:

Cooking at home?

Past: You have to hit the books for a recipe.

Present: Just type in the ingredients that you want to cook with and wait for Google to work its magic. Or check out a website—The New York Times Cooking site has 17,000+ recipes.

Want to have food delivered to your place?

Past: If you don’t know what to order and don’t have a collection of restaurant menus tacked to your fridge, then good luck. The phone operator won’t dictate the entire menu to you over the delivery hotline.

Present: Just go to the restaurant’s website (or google it if you can’t find it) and you can place your order with just a few clicks.

Wondering where else to eat?

Past: You check the featured restaurants in magazines, newspapers, or TV shows.

Present: You read a food blog. Or you see your friend post a picture of a really delectable dish on Facebook, and you decide to go to the restaurant offering that.

Upon arrival at the restaurant…

Past: You see a line, and so you end up twiddling your thumbs while waiting to be seated and to be served.

Present: You see a line, so you first check in at the place on Facebook. Then you check if they have any special offers for the apps you have on your phone while waiting to be served.

Once food is served…

Past: You pray before eating.

Present: You take a food porn shot, then upload on social media (in particular, Instagram) before eating. Don’t forget the hashtag: #foodporn.

Dining alone?

Past: You must be sad or lonely. Hopefully you brought a book with you to read while dining.

Present: No problem, there’s always someone to talk to online.

Not happy with your meal?

Past: You bring the issue up with the manager, who placates you with a free meal or just gives you an indifferent shrug. Either way, you just end up rattling about the incident to your friends, until your anger dies down.

Present: You bring the issue up with the manager, who either pacifies you with a free meal or meets you with indifference. However, if met with indifference, you post about it on your Facebook wall and it goes viral, even reaching mass media outlets. Before a government inquiry is launched, the manager apologizes.