7 Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Your Summer Outings

7 Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Your Summer Outings

Summer is here—which means it’s now the perfect time to break out your GoPro and shoot your own adventures. And while the mount that comes with your action camera is good for different environments, sometimes you just want to capture a certain shot that requires special equipment. Hence, here are 7 GoPro accessories that you should consider getting for your trip this summer:

  1. Sandmarc Carbon Grip

    Get a grip and do away with shaky footage. Attach your GoPro to a Sandmarc Carbon Grip. This solidly-built handle helps you shoot video with a steady hand. It also has a strap attachment to ensure that even if you do accidentally let go of the camera, it won’t fall to the ground. And if you do drop it in the water, the hollow carbon grip can actually work as a flotation device, keeping your GoPro afloat.
  2. Sandmarc Floater – Head Strap Edition

    This floater and head strap duo is the perfect GoPro accessory when you’re planning to shoot videos in the water. After all, in the very rare worst-case scenario where your GoPro and the strap comes flying off your head and into the water, the floater will keep it bobbing around. The Sandmarc Floater – Head Strap Edition also allows you to shoot video that’s just slightly below the water surface, as the head strap can be fashioned into a floating mount of sorts.
  3. Wasabi Power Batteries and Chargers for GoPro Hero4

    You wouldn’t want the dreaded low batter notification popping up while you’re in the middle of filming the most action-packed moments of your trip. That’s why we offer this Wasabi Power battery and charger set for the GoPro Hero4. With two batteries, a wall charger, and two adapters—one for specific plugs and one for your car—you have everything you need to keep your camera powered throughout your journey.

    Using a GoPro 3? We also have the GoPro Dual Battery Charger in stock. For other models, we have the GoPro BacPac and the LCD Touch BacPac.

  4. GoPro Chesty (Chest Harness)

    While many people attach their GoPro to the top of their helmets, it’s not necessarily the best place to stick it. For starters, it’s quite hard to adjust the camera on the top of your head; you’d have to remove your helmet to fix the angle or the settings up. Then there have been cases wherein after biking, the mount remains attached to the helmet, but the camera got stuck and ended up left behind somewhere.

    That’s why the GoPro Chesty Harness is a good alternative. Since it’s just on your chest, it can shoot more stable footage compared to putting it on your head (which has a lot of movement). It’s also easier to operate from that location. And while the angle of the camera is much lower, it’s actually a great viewpoint to shoot biking videos from.

  5. GoPro Camera Tethers (ATBKT-005)

    Sure, the adhesives on the bottom of our available GoPro mounts are sticky enough to keep your camera attached to various surfaces. But when facing strong winds, impacts, or waves, you can never be too sure. To be really on the safe side, get a pack of these GoPro Camera Tethers. These tethers, which attach to the GoPro’s back door, ensure that your camera remains strapped on to the surface even if the mount fails.

  6. GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts 12-Pack (AHDAF-301)

    If you’re going up the mountains or down to the beach this summer, then make sure to pack one of these inserts into the housing of your GoPro. The insert absorbs any excess moisture inside the GoPro’s protective housing, preventing the buildup of fog that can ruin your shot or even damage your camera. And the best part is that these are actually reusable. Each GoPro Anti-Fog Insert is also good for four uses; you just need to dry it using an oven at 300 Fahrenheit after every use.
  7. GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)

    Want to see how much your dog is enjoying summer, too? Then get the GoPro Fetch Dog Harnessand strap your camera on your best friend. You’ll probably just see lots of running around in the grass or on the beach, but hey, isn’t that what’s summer is all about?