7 Things that Drive You Crazy Every Christmas (and How to Avoid Them)

7 Things That Drive You Crazy During Christmas

Sure, many of us are now using apps to help avoid the traffic during the holiday rush, or have been reading up on articles online about what to say when your tita tells you that you got fat. But there are more ways that tech can help us deal with the things that drive most Filipinos crazy during the Christmas season. Here are 7 ideas:

  1. Last-minute Christmas shopping? Don’t bother to rush to the mall and dealing with all those long lines. Read our holiday gift guide to find ideas for your inaanak that’s right within your budget—and you can have the presents delivered straight to your house in time for Christmas.
  2. Tired of hearing Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts” everywhere? Choose one of Spotify’s Christmas playlists and play them over a pair of speakers. They’re a great way to get everyone in the holiday mood without coming across that overused carol.
  3. Speaking of carols: Want to check out who’s knocking at your gate, but don’t want to open it for fear that it’s a bunch of noisy kids from down the street, asking for gifts? Then get a drone and fly it over your fence first to check who’s there. The MyDrone MD-CX30 Quadcopter Drone available here at YouPoundit has a camera with real image transmission via wifi within a range of 30 meters—good enough to give you a quick peek. (You can even make a “Patawad po!” banner and attach it to the drone, then fly it over the heads of those carolers to get the message across.)
  4. Having trouble waking up for the last few days of Simbang Gabi? Or slept through your alarm again? Try using apps like Sleep Cycle to help you wake up refreshed, despite the past few days of partying.
  5. Getting stressed out by the thought of cooking for everyone at the upcoming family reunion? Let the Pepperplate app help you out. This app can help you plan the menu for the entire party, scale recipes so you don’t end up cooking too much food, and even has multiple timers so you can keep tabs on all the dishes cooking in the kitchen.
  6. Awkward family reunions? Put a new meaning to “Clash of Clans.” If everyone seems engrossed with fiddling with their respective smartphones, ask them if they play some of the top mobile games of 2015 and join them in playing. Pretty sure that by the end of the night, you’d have an entire set of new allies in your game or you’ve got a family tournament rolling. You can also download some apps such as that Pinoy Henyo for mobile to start the fun.
  7. Bad with names and faces, even if you do like the crowd? Get a little help from Facebook. When you’re getting introduced for the first time or after a group photo, ask if you can add new-found friends or long-lost relatives as Facebook contacts. Or better yet, tag them in that group photo. That way, it would be easier for you to remember their names. Better yet, after adding them, create separate lists on Facebook: one for the cousins you’d like to hang out with, another for relatives you’ve met but would rather avoid.