7 Things That You Could’ve Done in the Time You Spent on Social Media

7 Things That You Could Have Done while on Social Media

Filipinos spend a lot of time on social media, and some may even argue that we spend too much time on it. But how much time is “a lot”? We did a bit of research and came up with this handy infographic.

7 Things That You Could've Done in the Time You Spent on Social Media Infographic

And just in case the image doesn’t load, here are the stats:

According to the Q3 2015 report from the Global Web Index, Filipinos spent more than three hours per day on social media and a total of around 8 hours on digital media. This accounts for 1095 hours per year on social media or 2,920 hours per year online. (Yes, that’s a lot of time.)

In that amount of time that you were on social media, you could’ve done the following:

  1. Read 493 novels per year
    The average adult reading speed is 300 words per minute, or 18,000 words per hour. That stacks up to 19,710,000 words per year if you spend 3 hours reading every day, which accounts for 493 novels per year (at 40,000 words per novel).
  2. Walked the entire length of EDSA 199 times
    According to the #WalkEDSA campaign, if you walk the entire stretch of EDSA from MOA to SM North it will take you 5.5 hours. Hence, with that amount of time on social media, you would’ve walked 199 times the length of EDSA per year.
  3. Completed the Traslacion 54.75 times
    The Traslacion, or the Black Nazarene procession, took 20 hours to complete this 2016. With all the time spent on social media for a year, you could have completed the procession 54.75 times.
  4. Summit Mount Apo 22.8 times
    The average expedition takes 2 days to reach the summit of Mount Apo. At this rate, you can reach the peak of Mount Apo 22.8 times.
  5. Completed the New York Marathon 243.33 times
    The average runner finished the New York City Marathon in 4:34:45. If you round that up to 4.5 hours per marathon, you would have completed the New York Marathon 243.33 times in one year in all the time you spent on social media.
  6. Swim across the English Channel 38 times
    Even if you match the pace of the slowest swim across the English Channel at 28 hours and 44 minutes, you will have crossed the Channel 38 times in a year.
  7. Reached the moon 15.21 times
    A trip to the moon takes an average of 3 days. At that rate, you would get to the moon 15.21 times in a year.