Hello, World

Hello World

September 09, 2014



We want to live in a world where shopping for your next coveted gadget isn’t such a horrendous experience. A place where only the best gadgets in the planet exist and you don’t have to sift through junk to find them. A happy place where shopping can be fun, entertaining, and educational all at the same time. A spot where customer service is more than lip service. We wanted all of this, plus more, so we created Poundit.

Welcome to our little corner online. We aspire to be the cool, trusted, and helpful one-stop curators for all things technology here in the Philippines. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re a gadget guru – the one everyone turns to fix their technical woes – or a technophobe who has no idea what megapixels are – we’re here to help you.

We’re here to help you get it.

Welcome to Poundit.