Asus Unveils ROG Phone for Hardcore Mobile Gamers

Asus Unveils ROG Phone for Hardcore Mobile Gamers

Asus has unveiled its entry into the growing mobile gaming market by introducing the ROG (Republic of Gamers) smartphone. The model comes with top-tier specifications which Asus says will allow the device to handle the most resource-intensive mobile games with ease.

With its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of total storage, the phone is on par with flagship models such as the Samsung galaxy S9 and the iPhoneX. Asus says that with hardware this powerful, 3D graphics can be rendered at high resolutions while running the refresh rate at an incredible 90 frames per second.

If this information is accurate, gamers should be able to run titles like Injustice 2, Need for Speed: No Limits and FIFA with incredible detail and no lag.

Speaking at Taiwan’s annual Computex electronics fair, Asus Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand Portia Chang said that “there’s a market for gaming phones,” that Asus can capitalize on thanks to its experience in building and selling gaming PCs.

Asus execs also revealed that it took a while for a ROG phone to be developed due to the engineering challenges that come with gaming phones. Fitting high-end components into a compact frame while handling heat management effectively needed significant time at the research and development labs.

The ROG phone will launch with a few accessories such as a dock for a second screen, a cooling pad that latches on to the device, and attachable controllers for precise, tactile handles on games.

Asus isn’t the first manufacturer to launch gaming phones. Nokia lays claim to that title with its N-Gage from more than a decade ago. Sony’s Xperia Play and Razer’s new phone are more recent entrants to the mobile gaming arena.

Via: ABS CBN News