Fitness in the Digital Age

Fitness in the Digital Age

Someone finally said it.

You’ve noticed it for a while now but you’ve been shrugging it off. But then your officemate finally said the dreaded words:

Hey! Someone’s rockin’ the Dad Bod!” and that someone is you.

You begin contemplating to yourself how you let this happen.

You’ve been busy with work, friends and your folks. You’ve eating your stress away chasing those deadlines. Maybe during the weekends you’re too tired and just want to relax or have to catch up on those chores and errands.

Essentially you haven’t been able to squeeze a workout in for quite a while now and it shows.

Your officemate follows it up with a “Don’t worry, Dad Bods are in now anyway.”

Sorry to burst your bubble there, bud. It isn’t. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that if Leonardo DiCaprio can pull it off, then you can too.

Shrug off that officemate and steel your resolve. Put silly trends aside because your health is on the line here and the good news is that in this new digital age, you can integrate technology and fitness to make the healthy choice a considerably more manageable one.

There are many gadgets nowadays that help track progress with various exercise activities but let’s start with the one you already have: your smartphone.



There are a lot of apps available on android and iOS for free that can help track what you eat.

The general rule of thumb is that 1800 calories a day is the maximum amount that a man can eat to lose weight if he’s in the “obese” category.

Each meal should contain at least 450 calories and snacks are at 450 calories as well. Eat smart.

It may seem tedious to count calories considering you probably don’t know how many calories are in a pork-chop, but guess what?

You don’t need to.

These apps have a database on the calorie count of most foods. What you do need is the discipline of updating everything that you eat and drink on the app. You’ll get used to it.

Sounds doable, right? Moving on.

Try out MyFitnessPal for Android or iOS!



That’s right! You have to exercise. There’s no escaping it.

But if you do the work, it will pay off. There are a lot of exercise apps available that you can use. Find the one that you’re agreeable to in terms of the kind of exercise the app will require you to do.

Getting an exercise app with crazy workouts would probably lead you to ignoring the app altogether. I suggest you choose something easy and work your way to more challenging workouts.

Try out Sworkit for Android or iOS!



What I appreciate about wearable technology is that it’s always on, always collecting data. This is data that you can analyze and adjust your diet and exercise to accordingly.

There are many in the market nowadays but personally, the Vivofit 3 is a great gadget that’s developed over the years and can help you keep track of your healthy habits.

By just wearing it, it can track how many steps you take in a day. It tracks your heart rate to optimize your exercise. It keeps count of calories burned optimizing the time you actually spend on exercising. It also has connected GPS to see in real-time run stats such as pace and distance, and a map to see your route after running it. It even helps you track your sleep patterns, and even reminds you to move if you haven’t been.

All of this is synced to your Garmin Connect app for your perusal and analysis later. With all of this information you’re able to gather, you can use it to efficiently spend the least amount of time while being able to optimize the results.

So in conclusion of keeping the “Dad Bod” at bay for a healthier and better looking you, use every means at your disposal.

These tools are only here to help you but in the end it’s your determination and discipline that will get you back in shape.

Oh, and stop eating junk food!

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