For Sharp Audio on the Go: A Focal Sphear In-Ear Headphones Review

For Sharp Audio on the Go: A Focal Sphear In-Ear Headphones Review

Focal Sphear Earphones

With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, the demand for multifunctional earphones has also increased. For instance, among the in-demand features are microphones to answer calls. This is justified given the increased reliance on apps like Viber and Facebook Messenger.

While your devices might include a pair of headphones by default, investing in a better one is always a wise decision. One such piece is the Sphear In-Ear Headphones by Focal, a French audio brand.

Devices like these are usually built to handle the stress of being stored in tight spaces like pockets. They can also deliver clearer sound thanks to their specialized construction. So does the Sphear measure up in those two aspects? Let’s see in this review.


Other brands would simply stop at providing the actual headphones in the package, along with extra earbuds. The Sphear, on the other hand, tosses in a few more add-ons. Upon opening the box, you will see four things snuggled in a neat foam packaging: the headphones, extra silicone and foam earbuds, an adaptor for in-flight headset jacks, and a carrying case.

Focal Sphear Headphones - Semi-Boxed

What we immediately liked was that the cord’s thickness prevented unnecessary tangles. While other brands’ cables end up in convoluted knots, the Sphear’s cords were easy enough to unwind. Its length was also generous enough to accommodate devices kept in your pocket.

Focal Sphear Headphones - Unboxed

Like most headphones designed to work with smartphones, it comes with a built-in microphone to accept calls and a multifunction smart button. Simply press on it once to answer and reject calls or to play and pause music.

And unlike other generic headphones, this button lets you switch between tracks depending on how many times you press it. Pressing it twice shifts to the next track, while pressing it thrice returns to the previous track. It’s a nifty feature that eliminates the need for you to bring out your phone.

The package comes with two types of earbuds as well. The memory foam type buds are designed to fit your ear canal better and provide maximum comfort, while the silicone buds are made to isolate background noise and maximize your listening enjoyment. For travelling, you can also use the carrying case to store your earphones and other attachments to prevent it from getting damaged.

Focal Sphear Headphones - Accessories

What We Like

One important thing to consider when choosing commercial earphones is the impedance level. Basically, the higher the level, the clearer the sound you get.

For commercial-grade headphones like this one, an impedance level of 16 is good enough to enjoy clear sound. From jazz, rock and electronic music, the Sphear can accommodate a wide range of music genres. Every touch of a piano key, pluck of the guitar string, and beat of the drum is heard without loss. The sound is clear and precise, especially when other enhancement options of your device is used.

Focal Sphear Headphones - In Case

Thanks to its 10.8mm multi-channel transducer and Bass Reflex system, you can enjoy high-definition audio even in noisy environments. This is perfect for situations like exercising in gyms, jogging in parks, or simply taking a walk outside.

As the Sphear is built with mobile devices in mind, its microphone is the perfect companion for smartphones and tablets. VoIP-based apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber are just some of the apps we tested it on, with highly satisfactory results.

The Quirks

One drawback we experienced was that the multifunction button had trouble switching back to a previous track when using Android phones. On the other hand, iPhones don’t have this problem.

Focal Sphear Headphones - With Phone

And while the memory foam buds were very comfortable, we found that switching them for the silicone buds gave a better sound quality. This also meant clearer conversations with your friends. Still, these were negligible drawbacks and were not enough to get in the way of a superior listening experience.

The Verdict

The add-ons and features were enough to provide crisp audio for music, videos and calls. Also, the fact that it’s less likely to tangle up means it’s ideal to take during travels, especially since it has a protective case. All in all, the Sphear Headphones by Focal is a great addition to your accessory lineup and definitely worth the investment. Get it now here at Poundit for PHP 7,290.

Focal Sphear Headphones - Close Up