How Fake is Your Social Media Life?

By Van Salas

We all agree that social media is mostly a good thing, yes? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the like – they all keep us updated with our friend’s lives and keep us abreast on what’s happening with our friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s pet chihuahua on the other side of the world.

Keeping in touch with loved ones and friends via their social media feed is great. I mean, it’s always nice to keep track of our friend’s kids growing up moments, your colleagues perfect vacation in Boracay, that delectable must-have dessert from Wildflour, and the latest gadgets rocking the tech world, right?

But I’m sure you’ve felt a twinge of envy here and there too – this creeping feeling that somehow, your online feed doesn’t quite measure up to everyone else’s awesome status updates.

We tend to forget that what we see on social media is the highlight reel. More often than not, what we see are the carefully curated bits and pieces of daily living. That carefree looking picture on the hammock with the pink margarita and little umbrella on instagram? Peace and serenity lasted a total of 2 seconds, right after the toddler knocked down the afternoon delight. That casual Instagram image that seems so effortlessly thrown in and oh-so chic? Put together for about 45 minutes, with every item hand picked for maximum “couldn’t care less” effect. That mouthwatering artisinal gourmet top view photo on Facebook? It required tiptoeing precariously on a bench to capture that perfect top view shot.

And then there’s the dark side of Facebook, too, where other people’s perfect marriages and perfect kids and perfect careers serve to rub more salt to the wound: that you, my friend, don’t possess the perfect marriage/relationship/kids/career/ <insert deepest darkest insecurity here_______>.

Here’s a roundup of links that tell us what it’s all REALLY like.

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Fake or not, our social media lives are a big part of modern living. Having an iPhone, Huawei or Samsung Galaxy will let you document your highlight reels and curate to your heart’s desire. Check out the rest of our Smartphone collection today