LOOK: Lenovo’s Z5 May be World’s First True All-Screen Phone

The world has been promised “all-screen”  smartphones a few times and every time we held our collective breath, manufacturers fall just a tad short of expectations. Apple did it with the iPhone X’s notch and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 had a thin – but clearly present – “chin.” Now, tech giantLenovo is teasing us with what might be the world’s first actual all-screen handset.

With a post on China’s Weibo social network, Lenovo VP Chang Cheng showed the new Z5 smartphone that boasts a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio. That’s 4% more screen ratio points than its closest competitor, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. If the images shown are to be taken at face value, the phone does look like its entire front surface is a screen that’s supported only by ultra-thin bezels on the edges.

It’s unclear how Lenovo plans to solve the “chin” challenge that has prevented most manufacturers from producing true all-screen phones. Bottom bezels are often used to host front-facing cameras or display controls which demand physical space allocations.

The Z5 is touted as Lenovo’s most aggressive entry in the smartphone market yet. The Hong Kong-based consumer electronics giant has promised four breakthroughs that will give it a decisive edge over rivals Huawei, Vivo and Oppo in the Chinese mainland.

Lenovo’s smartphone business line has so far been unable to compete on even terms with domestic players. The company’s $2.91-billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google has not produced meaningful results thus far and the company is looking for a phone that can take it to the industry’s forefront.

In the Philippines, Lenovo has a palpable presence in the smartphone market, but lags behind its more aggressively-priced and marketed Android contemporaries. The brand is better known for itslaptop line which have been in the local market for  about 15 years.