Marshall Minority

Known for musical instruments, Marshall, a leading manufacturer, continues to develop and engineer consumer-friendly audio devices that exalt their own design principles. But, the question in everybody’s mind is: do they perform well?

MANILA, Philippines – Having a Marshall Major Headphones before made me skeptic about getting a new one. Don’t get me wrong, I like how it fits my ear and the sound quality is excellent. But unfortunately, not all devices are perfect.

Before the device turned a year old, adverse things started happening. The on-ear padding ruptured and fell off, the button control on the wire short circuited and eventually stopped working.

Being pessimistic about lingering issues, I began to question, it is the same with their other products?


I knew about Marshall’s new product line since they went on sale but never really got to try them all on. Embedded with this line of audio devices is the Marshall Minor Earphones.

I lost my Apple Earpods a day before my flight to Tacloban for the #HagupitPH coverage. With my work as a journalist, having earphones of my own is a must. I needed a new one.

Knowing that buying the same Earpods wouldn’t really change anything, I decided to purchase a different one.

Upon walking into the store, black cardboard boxes on shelves immediately caught my attention. They had Marshall logos written all over them.

They were in-fact Marshall’s Minor Earphones. An audio device that go into your ear and doubles as an answering tool when making calls . It’s a smaller alternative compared to over the over-the-ear MAJOR that I was skeptic about.

I guess giving the brand a second chance wouldn’t be a bad idea. So I decided to take one home.


Different among the other earphone brands, It has a circular black capsule that houses the main dynamic micro driver, acoustic seal and other components. They’re visibly large making them pop-out.


Like other audio devices, it has a microphone with a navigation button that also lets you operate your device.


Rubber Pads called Earclicker system come with various sizes that will fit any ear size – this makes it more personal and provides added comfort.


Overall, I love the look specially the Rubber Padding. It’s definitely a big plus.

The wiring is covered with braided fabric which makes it more durable unlike those with plastic or rubber coating that easily get punctured.

The sound quality andacoustics is great. But since it sits far from your ear canal, It offers very little noise isolation. I also noticed it having less treble than bass.

Having a microphone on the wireis also a perfect for voice calling or recording.

Overall, I’ve been using them for long periods of time and I’m amazed that they never made my ears sore from listening.


On the bottom line, for a ₱2,950 headphone, it’s definitely a good buy. Although I’m still a bit skeptic about Marshall’s headphone line, my experience with this in-ear Minor makes all the difference.

Marshal Minor Earphones can be purchased here at Poundit.