More Storage, More Fun: a MiLi iData Flash Drive Review

More Storage, More Fun: a MiLi iData Flash Drive Review

MiLi iData with iPhone

Limited storage space is a common problem for Apple devices, especially since they don’t have slots for microSD cards. This is especially true if you’re using one of their entry-level variants. With only 16GB of internal memory, a basic iPhone can become close to unusable if you love watching movies or taking pics with it.

MiLi iData Pro in box

This can be also a problem with some Android devices. While microSD card slots are common among Android smartphones, some models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 don’t have them.

Thankfully, we have products like the iData OTG flash drive from MiLi. This external storage device makes it easier to back up files or watch movies and TV series from your iOS or Android device. We had the chance to try it out ourselves—read on to know how it worked out.

The Package

MiLi iData Pro 128GB

The iData comes with 2 accessories, in addition to a plastic cover for the Lightning plug. The first accessory is a USB 3.0 to USB Micro-B SuperSpeed cable for connecting to a computer. The second one is a USB 3.0 to USB Micro adapter, which is meant to be attached to the previous accessory when connecting to Android devices.

Build Quality

The MiLi iData comes in 16GB32GB64GB, and 128GB variants. It looks very well-built for an OTG storage device, with a smooth finish to match that of newer Apple products. And as mentioned earlier, the top part has a Lightning connector for connecting to your iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, the bottom has a USB Micro-B SuperSpeed port for interfacing with computers.


For Windows

We were given the 128GB and 64GB variants to test out. Out of the box, they came formatted to exFAT, with 117GB and 59.9GB of actual usable space, when plugged into a computer.

MiLi iData on PC


For PCs, the iData is more or less a plug-and-play device. However, you will need to use the included USB to USB Micro-B SuperSpeed cable to connect the iData to your computer. File transfers went by smoothly at an average speed of around 60 MB/s during our trial. This equates to transferring nearly 8GB of video files in 5 minutes.

For iOS

The device is very easy to set up and use. Upon connecting to your iOS device’s Lightning port, the device will immediately prompt you to download MiLi’s proprietary iData app. It’s a free download that doesn’t take much space.

MiLi iData on iPhone

The iData app also has a clean-looking design that’s also easy to navigate.

The app automatically sorts your files into different categories, with options to back up data from your device. You can also select “all files” to navigate your folders on your own.

720p videos played smoothly on an iPhone 6 Plus which we used for testing. Even while holding the device and switching orientations, playback continued without any hiccups. This makes it a good companion accessory for long trips.

For Android

Connecting to an Android device is a little easier, needing no additional downloads. Upon plugging in, you can use your phone’s native file explorer to access your data. However, using the MiLi iData for Android requires using both of the included accessories. You have to attach the USB Micro-B cable and the USB to USB-Micro adapter just to connect the iData to your Android device.

MiLi iData Pro 128GB with Asus Smartphone - Android

In addition to looking awkward, you might also experience connectivity issues depending on how worn down your device’s ports are. The connection can be spotty at times with an older Samsung Galaxy S4 we tested it out on. However, it ran smoothly on a newer Asus Zenfone Max. This inconsistency might make it a less desirable option for Android users, especially with cheaper alternatives out in the market.

The Verdict

If you’re looking to maximize the use of your iPhone or iPad as a multimedia device, then this might be the device for you. The MiLi iData can get you much more space in a compact, accessible, and well-designed package.

Though the device is usable for Android phones and tablets, it can be awkward to use because of the additional accessories needed. On our testing, it also tends to have a looser connection with micro USB ports compared to Lightning ports. With cheaper OTG storage options on the market, you might be better off looking elsewhere for your Android device.

Though it might be on the pricier end of the scale, the MiLi iData is worth it. After all, it’s a very convenient and well-designed storage device that works best with Apple products.

The 64GB variant retails at Php 6,500 while the 128GB device retails at Php 12,600. To make sure that what you get is an all-original unit, order MiLi products online only here at Poundit.