Poundit Has the Best Gadgets for All Your Photography Needs

Whether you’re a professional photographer who wants to capture awesome action images, an adventure vlogger who requires a waterproof camera, or a Gen Z-er who takes selfies every day, Poundit.com has the right gadgets for your photography needs. Our wide array of products range from top-of-the-line mirrorless cameras and value-for-money drones to rugged action cameras and selfie-centric smartphones. Let’s take a look at some of these products.


For the Serious Sports and Action Photographer: The Sony a9

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, then you’ve probably heard about the remarkable selection of mirrorless cameras that Sony has been churning out all these years. In particular, we’re talking about the cameras for their E-Mount lens system, which has recently reached its pinnacle in the form of the Sony a9 mirrorless digital camera.

This camera’s groundbreaking 24.2-megapixel full-frame Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor work together to make 20fps continuous shooting and UHD 4K video shooting possible. With its blistering speed and ability to capture hard-to-catch moments, this camera is sure to attract the attention of action and sports photographers who have long avoided the Sony E-Mount system in favor of their Nikon and Canon gear.

For the No-Frills Individual Who Loves Portraits: The iPhone X

By now, you’re probably already familiar with the fantastic camera features of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus, but just in case you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on a new iPhone yet, then perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at the camera feature that Apple calls Portrait Lighting.

Basically, Portrait Lighting is a proprietary camera feature of the iPhone which uses software to apply stunning visual effects on photos, making them look more dramatic in the process. For instance, you can apply a bokeh effect on your photo to make the subject pop out from the background, creating that characteristic background blur that you can usually only do with professional cameras with large apertures. You can also use several lighting presets like Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, and Stage Light Mono to “re-light” photos and basically create studio-grade images. Take note that these effects are not filters. Instead, they are created with the help of next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

For the Adventurer and Extreme Sports Enthusiast: The GoPro HERO 6

The GoPro HERO 6, GoPro’s latest flagship action camera, offers several considerable upgrades over the GoPro HERO 5, which make it more attractive to people who love creating videos of their thrilling adventures. Although the GoPro HERO 6 is built on the same form factor as its precedent, it also sports a new, more powerful GP1 internal processor, which imbues it with significantly increased performance.

The most obvious effect of this improved speed is the camera’s capability to shoot in higher frame rates in 4K and 1080p HD resolutions—up to 60fps and 240fps, respectively. Furthermore, the enhanced processing power also affords the GoPro HERO 6 with improved image stabilization—another processor-intensive task—which means videos will look smoother in rough shooting conditions. Other major upgrades include better low-light performance, increased dynamic range, and faster photo offloading to smartphones and the cloud.

For Those Who Love Aerial Photography: The DJI Spark

Many of us would love to try our hands at aerial photography, but in the past, shooting awe-inspiring images from a bird’s point-of-of view often meant having to carry around bulky drones and accessories on our way to our destinations. This cumbersome arrangement was simply not ideal for those going on long-haul flights or traveling across difficult terrains.

These days, there are the likes of DJI Spark, which is small enough to be carried around so that you can seize the moment whenever inspiration hits you. This mini quadcopter features all of DJI’s signature technologies but in a form factor so compact you’d hardly feel you’re carrying it with you. The DJI Spark also boasts smart flight control options, an efficient mechanical gimbal, and a camera that delivers superior image quality.

For the Selfie Addict: The Oppo F7 Smartphone

Since launching its Oppo F1 smartphone to much fanfare back in 2016, the Oppo brand has marketed itself as the “Selfie Expert” in the Philippines. The company continues this tradition with the introduction of its new Oppo F7 smartphone, which sports a 25-megapixel front-facing camera, an f/2.0 aperture, as well as a Sony IMX576 sensor, which enables intelligent light and background adjustments.

The Oppo F7 also comes with support for real-time HDR sensor and a “beautify” feature powered by artificial intelligence to enhance the looks of up to 3 people in a single frame. Naturally, if portraying yourself and your BFFs at your flawless best is an everyday goal for you, then the Oppo F7 might just be the selfie Swiss knife you’ve been waiting for.

For Those Bitten By the Polaroid Nostalgia Bug: A Fujifilm Instax

If you’ve always wanted to shoot photos and make beautiful color prints of them right on the spot, then a Fujifilm Instax camera is definitely for you.

This camera is perfect for those who’ve always had a thing for classic Polaroid photographs, as well as those who simply want to make tangible copies of their precious moments. Poundit.com’s Fujifilm Instax cameras come in various models and colors.

For the Daily Driver: A Xiaomi MiJia or Abee Dashcam

Everyone knows that driving in Manila is practically like driving in the Wild West, so having a camera installed on your dashboard will most likely give you a measure of security and reassurance. After all, it’s good to know that everything that is happening in front of (or around) your vehicle is being recorded on the off chance that something terrible goes wrong.

kotong pulis? Check. A rock-wielding yagit damages your car? Check. A scammer tries to milk you for money by pretending to have been run over by your vehicle? Check again. To this end, make sure to check out our dashcams from Xiaomi and Abee.

Whatever your photography needs, Poundit.com has the right tech solutions for you. Which one of these is for you?