Selfies: Why Do We Love Them So Much?

Imagine this: You open Instagram, Facebook perhaps, and see selfies. Not one, not two, not three. There’s an entire album of your friend’s face captioned with #wokeuplikethis. It’s silly but you try to appreciate it because truth is, you love taking selfies as well.

Hashtag Selfie

Filipinos take inordinate amount of selfies. I do. In fact, I enjoy taking them and looking at them. From choosing a filter, striking a pose, to flaunting that coveted smize, I enjoy the whole process and sometimes I just don’t know why.

So I read some articles, pinged my friends, and wandered into deep thought asking the question: Why do we love taking selfies? What’s so addicting with pointing a front camera on our face and clicking until we have that Insta-worthy shot? It’s a tough question to answer but fortunately, at the end of my crusade, I came up with five types of selfies and the whole psychology behind them. Ready to know the reason behind your selfie addiction? Let’s go.


Ganda mo, bes!  Actually, sige, ganda nating lahat!

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way. Vanity or in our own words, Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili (GGSS) is the first and most common reason for taking a selfie. And that’s okay, really. There’s nothing wrong about appreciating, capturing, and sharing your beautiful face on social media.

However, it’s important to be mindful of the number of selfies you share online. I know, maganda ka, perfect ang contour mo today. But seeing your face countless of times—and across all social media channels—is just too much. Keep your selfie game moderate. We want to miss your face, too.

2. Entertainment Value

Many apps cater to the selfie connoisseur; free applications that can contour your face, brighten your complexion, and even turn you into some kind of animal (Instagram Stories, we’re looking at you). You can do all of these in a few swipes and a click of a button, making technology more convenient and extremely entertaining at the same time.

Selfies, with no doubt, fall into the entertainment spectrum. If it was a soap opera, I’m sure we’re all hooked. It’s mindless, no-strings-attached kind of fun is entertaining not only for individuals but for groups of people as well. (Never forget the groupfie.) It’s something you can do while waiting for a ride home or when you and your officemates are having a sabaw moment at work.

3. Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Music festivals, art shows, tita gatherings, or anything that is Insta-worthy deserves a selfie. Yup. DESERVES. We all have that friend who thinks that every single event needs to be celebrated with a self-portrait. Sometimes we’re that friend, depending on our mood and the situation we are in.

But hey, why not, right? You paid and dressed up to see your favorite artist and long-time friends. You deserve to take a snap of what’s happening so you can share it to those who couldn’t be there. So when you’re taking a selfie during this kind of situation, make it your best. Get a good angle of your face and don’t forget to set the venue or stage as your background.

4. Landehhh!

Many people are guilty of this, and it happens two ways: requested or unsolicited. Both, mind you, are equally exciting.

Selfies for landian is a millennial thing. And it’s not that bad because it’s actually a great way to communicate with your crush or the love of your life. Preparing dinner for your boyfriend? Take a selfie with your romantic set-up and send it to him. Want to impress your crush with your new haircut? Snap a selfie, share it on Facebook, and instantly capture his or her attention.

Pro tip: Be cautious when taking selfies for landi purposes. Make sure your background is clear (and R-13) and that your photo conveys the message you really want to send. You don’t want your crushie to cringe, diba?

5. The Aww Moments

Last but not the least is the one where you mindfully and tastefully curate your selfies. It’s the most dignified among all selfie types as it typically includes family members, friends, and a cute animal (dogs and cats mostly). Captioned with a quote, a story, or a greeting, this kind of selfie stops you from scrolling and makes you go “awww”. It’s something you’ve probably done once in social media because it’s just so genuine and sweet.

In the end, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with selfies, even if you take hundreds of them a week.  It all comes down to the same basic thing: intention. Enjoy it while you can, take advantage of apps and accessories, and let your family and friends (and pets!) join in the fun. Selfies are now part of our culture and they are definitely here to stay.