The New Year’s Resolution Super Guide

Hindi pa huli ang lahat.

Part 1: How to Start

From “Please be good to me 2018” to “I’ll make 2018 my year”

There are two types of people in this world:

Those who let things happen to them.
And those who make things happen to them.

Every year, we’re greeted by our Facebook feed with New Year’s Resolutions such as “losing weight” or “traveling more” by friends and family.

Inspiring at it seems, the reality is that 45% of people fail at their New Year’s Resolution in just a month.

Hence, memes such as this:

As much as we try to make room for new habits to make our year better, we ALWAYS come across reasons to get bogged down by work or life.

Suddenly the burst of inspiration at the start of the year slowly dies down as we get flooded with work, stress, and the creeping urge to just binge on Netflix rather than hitting the gym.

That’s okay.

Which is why we came up with this guide to make sure you start your 2018 right with the right goals and the right tools to keep them on track.

Are you ready to make 2018 your year? Then let’s dive in.

Forming New Habits
Problem #1: Creating goals“

“This year, I will lose weight.”
“This year, I will explore the Philippines more.”
“This year, I will read more books.”

These may seem like awesome goals to start the year with, but the problem comes when it’s time to chop them into bits that you could follow through with.

How much weight will you lose? How long will it take for you to get there? Is losing 100 kilos in a year even possible for you?

Without clear goals to follow through with, two weeks in you end up looking in the mirror and start thinking to yourself, “Am I losing weight? Is this even worth it?”

Enter, SMART goals.
SMART Goals stand for:

SPECIFIC – What do you want to achieve? Lose weight? Read books? Travel more?

MEASURABLE – How many calories? How many books? How many provinces?

ACHIEVABLE – Enough to challenge you, but defined well enough that you can achieve them.

RELEVANT – Ties into your main goal.

TIME-BOUND – Every week? Every month? Every quarter?

So instead of:

“This year, I will lose weight.”

Turn it into:

“This year, I will lose 12kgs by hitting the gym every week and losing 1kg every month.”

SPECIFIC – Lose 12kgs this year.

MEASURABLE – How much weight? 12kgs this year, 1kg a month, or 0.25kgs a week.

ACHIEVABLE – Tough? Yes. Possible? Definitely.

RELEVANT – Does it tie up with your goal of losing weight? Yep.

TIME-BOUND – 12kgs this year, 1kg a month, or 0.25kgs a week.

Why this works

Rather than becoming like a headless chicken that blindly aims to “lose weight this year”, you’ve made it a promise to yourself to hit the gym and do workouts that help you lose 0.25kgs every week.

Psychologically, 12 kilos this year becomes more believable to yourself when you break it down to just 0.25kgs every week.

Problem #2: Following through with your goals

You came up with your own SMART goal. Great!

Next problem, actually doing it.

Most of us wait for motivation before acting on our goals. We wait for a couple hours waiting for motivation to hit, or maybe watch a couple motivational videos to get off our butts and into the car to head to the gym.

Most of us suck at this. So I propose an alternative: how about we DON’T wait for motivation?

Hacking your New Year’s Resolution : Turning your New Year’s Resolution into a habit

Research (and basically, common sense) shows that doing something against your will over and over again isn’t the best motivator when it comes to coming up with new habits.

So forcing yourself to sit in front of the computer all day to write that book you’ve been wanting to start seems to be the wrong approach.

Working on your New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to suck the fun out of everything.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be confined inside a gym around sweaty equipment. Losing weight could mean riding your bike around the city early in the morning, and ending it with breakfast by that cool organic café with the cute barista.

Starting your book doesn’t have to start with you going through the traffic hell of the Makati CBD, then confining yourself to a Starbucks where you had to wait for 30 minutes for seats to open up. Starting your book could be going up to your apartment rooftop with a cup of coffee in your hand and your laptop in the other, looking over the city skyline while you come up with a name for your lead character.

Getting Started

Ready to get started with a proper New Year’s Resolution that you’ll actually see to the end?

Take a pick from one of the SMART goals below, or use it as inspiration when coming up with one of your own!

Get Moving (Lose weight)

  • “This year, I will lose 12kgs by hitting the gym every week and losing 1kg every month.”
  • “I will cut back on unhealthy food by substituting one meal a day with a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative.”
  • “This year, I will lose weight by limiting my fast food intake to only twice a week.”

Get Out (Travel the world)

  • “I will travel to 4 new provinces this year going to a province I haven’t been to every three months.”
  • “I will try out one new coffee shop a week every weekend this year.”

Get Creative (Start a new creative hobby)

  • “I will shoot, edit, and release one short film a month.”
  • “I will finish a 48-chapter book this year by writing one chapter a week.”
  • “I will post one art photo a week on Instagram.”

Part 2: Apps and Tools

Got your  SMART goal ready with your habit plan? Great!

Let’s make your New Year’s Resolution journey easier with a couple apps and tools to help you along the way.

Habit Tracker

Before jumping in, we need to make sure you actually stick to your New Year’s Resolution. With that in mind, here are the best apps help you track (and stick to) your new habits.

Both apps below offer similar features, including habit scheduling, statistics, reminders, and streak tracking (making sure you don’t break the chain of habits you started).



Android: Free up to 5 habits, unlimited for Php300/month



iOS: Free up to 5 habits, unlimited for Php209/month


With habit tracking covered, it’s time you jump in to a tool you’ll be using for the rest of the year!

Whether you’re planning to lose weight, travel more, or become more creative, we have you covered!

Working Out



iOS: Free, premium for Php499/month

Runkeeper is an all-in-one fitness app that mostly covers outdoor workout activities.

From walking, to running, or cycling, Runkeeper helps you out by becoming your step counter, speedometer, and GPS tracker – all in one app. You can also setup workout reminders and  directly share your recent activities to your social media.

It’s as easy as just turning on the app, setting up a workout, and putting on your earphones!

Premium plans offer a variety of workouts and coaching systems you can use in case you need an extra push.



iOS & Android: Free, premium for Php2,990/year

Sworkit is an app that’s more suited for indoor workouts. It’s basically a substitute for a workout coach when you don’t want to pay a pretty penny for the in-house gym instructor.

Features include workout plans with videos for you to copy while doing different exercises. Each workout comes with a mini-coach to guide you through your reps and rests.

Premium plans give you more workouts outside the regular cardio and weight loss ones, but if you’re not planning to become a Century Tuna model by the end of the year, the free plan is a good option to stick with.



iOS: Php199

Done reading through Sworkit? Good.

CARROT fit is basically the same thing, but with a judgmental AI coach that continuously mocks you for being lazy. What’s cool is that the AI sounds exactly like GLaDOS from the Portal series.

It’s a gamified version of a workout app, with XP and Levels for you to work up from, giving you more perks and easter eggs for every success you hit inside the app.



Android & iOS: Free, Premium for Php129/month

With around 75 million users and over 30 million songs, Spotify needs no introduction.

What needs introduction though is the hidden workout feature: Spotify Running

Under Browse, look for the Genres & Moods part and go to “Running”.

The magic of Spotify Running begins when you start jogging with it. The non-stop playlist automatically matches the tempo with how fast you’re running. Warming up? Here’s a slow beat to work you up. Already hitting your runner’s high? Prepare for an awesome beat drop.

It also comes with brand new remixes from Ellie Goulding and Tiêsto, made especially for running.

Already a Spotify user? Try it out!


Note Taking



Android/Windows & iOS/Mac: Free, Plus for Php550/year, Premium for Php1,100/year

Dubbed “the notebook for your brain”, Evernote is a powerful note-taking app that covers everything from typing to doodling, even up to professional features such as doing presentations and snapping business cards (which automagically turns into a text file for easy copy-pasting!)

The Plus plan lets you sync to multiple devices and search for text inside images, while the Premium plan lets you do everything the Plus plan does,plus a passcode lock, offline access, presentations, and the ability to digitize business cards with just your phone’s camera.



Day One

iOS/Mac: Free, device-sync for Php1,250/year


Android/Windows & iOS/Mac: Free, device-sync for Php1,500/year

Both apps offer the same thing from cloud storage for storing your memories, up to tracking everything that happened throughout the day behind the scenes (automatically capturing data without you doing anything).

Both apps send you a reminder at the end of the day (or any time up to you) for you to journal, with most details automatically filled up thanks to the behind-the-scenes tracking (such as weather, steps, where you went, etc.)

If you’re doing your journaling with just one device, then the free plan fits you perfectly. But if you’re planning to move from one device to the other, both apps offer device-sync for a yearly plan.




iOS/Mac: Php199/month

iA Writer

Android: Free, in-app purchases for P465


Windows: One-time purchase for $19.95

Again, another case of different apps doing the same thing.

All apps offer full screen distraction-free writing (think, the virtual equivalent of writing on a blank piece of paper), giving you enough room for your thoughts.



iOS, Mac, Windows: Php350/month or Php1,500/year

The perfect pair with your writing apps.

Ever distracted by the occasional urge to open Facebook or YouTube in the middle of your writing session? Fret not!

Freedom is a distraction-blocker that blocks access to apps or websites that you set. Just set a time you want to be distraction-free and start working! Freedom then covers up blocked websites for you to work better.




Enlight Photofox

iOS: Free, Premium for Php499/month

Photofox is a standalone photo-editor that lets you combine multiple photos and blend/merge them Photoshop style.

Ever wanted to create new cool images from scratch with just a single app, minus the Photoshop learning curve? Photofox is the app for you.



iOS &Android: Free

Snapseed is an Adobe Lightroom alternative that lets users edit photos directly from their phones.

A bit of a learning curve with this one as you’ll need to play around with it for a bit to get a hang of the gesture-based controls, but if ever you’ve been holding back on getting that Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and been wanting to learn how to play around with photo-editing, Snapseed is the app for you.



Windows: Free is basically like Google Maps for commuting, complete with jeepney, bus, walking, tricycle, and even train routes!

Our new favorite feature? Traincheck — a MRT congestion prediction, perfect for thoseconvenient, relaxing MRT rides.


iOS & Android: Free

Basically a Zomato for locals, looloo is a review and exploration app to get you hooked up with restaurants, spas, and more around the Philippines!

Personally, it was one of my go-to apps during a trip to Baguio. Thepinikpikan is a scary delicacy. For the love of all chickens across the world, please do not try it. 😭



Web, iOS, Android: Free

Airbnb hosts usually offer up a free room or free bed inside their place and puts it up on Airbnb, giving travelers a cheaper alternative versus staying at expensive hotels.

What’s cooler is you get to stay with a local! No more getting lost or looking for tour guides. Just ask your host where the best street food is and you’re good to go!



iOS & Android: Free

Your GoPro camera’s perfect partner: the GoPro app connects to your GoPro camera wirelessly, turning it into a remote viewfinder, letting you watch your GoPro’s footage live, without having to squint at the GoPro’s tiny screen.

The GoPro app also lets you offload captured footage directly to your phone for instant viewing.



Money Lover

iOS, Android, and Web: Free, Premium for P249

Ever wonder where your money goes at the end of your sweldo’s lifespan?

Money Lover is a convenient way to track your finances and where you spend the most, with easy charts and graphs to show your biggest spendings and savings are within the month.

It’s as easy as setting up multiple “wallets” such as your savings account, ATM, or cash on hand, then tracking your daily spending straight into the app. After a couple weeks, you’ll be able to see a bird’s-eye view whether you’re over your coffee budget or under your savings goal.


Think you’re all set starting that new membership at the gym or writing that new book? Great!

For the last part of our New Year’s Resolution guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best equipment to help you out in 2018!

Part 3: Gadgets and Tech

You got your New Year’s Resolution set with awesome SMART goals and apps to help you stick to it.

Great! Now it’s time to take a look at the perfect tech to help you own your 2018.


  1. The 2018 Creative
  2. The 2018 Traveler/Athlete
  3. The 2018 Businessman
  4. The 2018 Blogger/Author

The 2018 Creative

Gouache Camera Bag
Macbook Pro 15-inch
Dell XPS 13
Finally! A camera bag that looks as good as the pictures you take. Gouache Camera Bag is designed for photographers and artists who are looking for alternatives to traditional camera bags that can provide them with more texture, more personality, and more versatility without sacrificing durability and functionality. Who says camera bags have to be black and boring?

BUY ₱3,080


It’s razor thin, feather light, and even faster and more powerful than before. It has the brightest, most colorful Mac notebook display ever. And it features the Touch Bar — a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want, right when you want them. MacBook Pro is built on groundbreaking ideas. And it’s ready for yours.

BUY ₱119,300

The Dell XPS 13’s InfinityEdge Display is just bloody gorgeous. Perfect for video and photo editing without the distraction of ugly borders.

BUY ₱84,275

iPad Pro 12-inch
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
LG V20
The 12-inch iPad Pro is not just a big iPad. Underneath the tablet’s gorgeous Retina Display is a powerful processor capable of creating high-end projects such as photo and video editing. Plus with support for the Apple Pencil, sketching on this device feels just like drawing on paper.

BUY ₱42,490

The best camera is the one that’s in your pocket, And with this iPhone in your pocket, there’s no doubt what you’ll be getting. A high storage capacity iPhone 7 Plus gives you 4K video recording and amazing bokeh photos, thanks to the first ever dual-lens camera on an iPhone.

BUY ₱55,990

A go-to gadget by Youtubers for its media creation versatility. With a high quality DAC for audio listening, hi-fi audio recording, 4K video shooting, and a 16MP + 8MP Wide dual camera system, you won’t have to worry if you forget your gear.

BUY ₱29,395

Romoss Sense 4 Plus 10400MAH
Sony 7 II
Sony MDR-ZX110AP Monitoring Headphones
A entire day of shooting outside means a day away from sockets. That’s why every creative on-the-go needs a high-capacity power bank such as this.

BUY ₱799


Say hello to sharp, clear photos with the Sony 7 II (ILCE-7M2K) Digital Camera. With a built-in 5-axis image stabilization feature one of the first cameras in the world to have it the 7 II can withstand five types of camera shake. These include detecting and correcting shots for roll, pitch, yaw, horizontal, and vertical shake. With this feature, you can take clear photos, even when shooting in sub-par conditions.

BUY ₱105,999

This pair of headphones boasts of a 30mm dynamic driver unit, delivered through comfortable on-ear ear pads that you can wear all day. And with its compact folding design, you can bring it anywhere. Listen to music the way it was meant to be listened to.

BUY ₱1,319

Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 3TB
Shooting tons of photos and videos will not be a problem if you have this around your workspace. Backup everything with ease in this 3TB desktop hard drive.

BUY ₱6,490


The 2018 Traveler/Athlete

Gouache Hogarth Bag
Macbook 12-inch
Asus Zenbook Deluxe UX430
The Gouache Hogarth Duffel bag is your sports bag, travel bag and office bag rolled into one. You can carry it from the beach to your next lunch meeting without looking out of place. It has a total of three pockets and a hidden side compartment that lets you separate your clothes from your shoes for those weekend trips. This bag is a steal because we know you’ll be using it every day.

BUY ₱2,860


MacBook delivers more performance in the lightest and thinnest Mac notebook ever. With new seventh-generation Intel Core processors, 12-inch Retina display, a full-size keyboard, force-sensing trackpad, versatile USB-C port, and all-day battery life, MacBook features big thinking in an impossibly compact form.

BUY ₱75,990

ZenBook 3 Deluxe achieves the almost-impossible, featuring a gorgeous 14-inch display in an elegant and compact chassis that’s no bigger than many 13-inch laptops. It’s an unrivaled combination of power and beauty, giving you the perfect balance between portability and productivity.

BUY ₱47,530

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
Huawei P10
Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000MAH
Apple fans can be confident that they’ll be shooting the best photos and videos with the iPhone 7 Plus. Bringing this to the pool will be no problem as well with 30-minutes of IP67 water resistance. It has great battery life and awesome speakers, perfect for that weekend in Palawan.

BUY ₱50,990

The Huawei P10 sets an industry benchmark for style and craftsmanship with the first hyper diamond-cut finishing on a smartphone, which adds strength and colour. With all-day battery life and dual Leica cameras, it’s sure to be your perfect travel companion.

BUY ₱27,490

Never worry about running out of battery life with this 20,000mAh beast. Fun fact: This goes well with the 12-inch Macbook thanks to USB-C charging! Charge your laptop on the go!

BUY ₱1,099

GoPro Karma
Sony RX100 m3
Divoom Airbeat 10
Capture amazingly smooth footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear. Includes a GoPro Karma drone, a GoPro Hero5 Black, and a Karma grip stabilizer

BUY ₱68,990

Combining 20.1 MP image quality, electronic viewfinder, bright ZEISS lens, and compact size, the RX100 III is crafted for serious photographers on the go.

BUY ₱37,999

Divoom Airbeat-10 is a portable splash proof wireless Bluetooth speaker with built in microphones. Getting water or sand on this thing is not a problem.

BUY ₱1,190

Sony XB650 Bluetooth Headphones
The MDR-XB650BT headphones combine deep, punchy EXTRA BASSsound with wireless freedom and long-listening comfort. A perfect travel companion for those long road trips.

BUY ₱5,719

The 2018 Businessman

Gouache Kahlo Bag
Macbook Pro 13-in
Asus Zenbook Deluxe UX490
The Kahlo Bag may look simple outside, but it has great features inside. If organization is what you need, it has multiple pockets seen or hidden where you can keep your valuables. The Kahlo also makes a good school and work bag because a standard-sized laptop can fit inside.

BUY ₱2,508


Apple fans deserve the best Macbook Pro there is. With high performing processors, a gorgeous display, and looks to kill, this is your perfect productivity companion.

BUY ₱98,990

Can’t settle for a Mac and want Windows instead? The Asus Zenbook Deluxe rivals the looks and performance of the Macbook Pro with a sleek design and up to Core i7 processors.

BUY ₱77,949

iPad Pro 9.7-in
iPhone 7 128GB
Samsung Galaxy S8
Browsing through documents and attending video calls is amazing on the iPad Pro’s sizable yet portable 9.7-inch screen. With support for the Apple Pencil, taking notes in meetings and signing contracts on the go is a breeze.

BUY ₱32,490

The most portable yet most powerful iPhone. With the fastest and most secure fingerprint sensor on the market, you’ll be confident that the iPhone will keep all of your data safe.

BUY ₱43,490

Innovation at its finest! The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is now bigger, bolder and fierce. Equipped with an Octa-Core processor and a 5.8 Quad HD+ Display, the phone ensures that boundaries are but a thing of a past.

BUY ₱38,990

Mili Power Nova II
Apple Airpods
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB
Ultra-slim and with a sleek aluminum finish, the Power Nova I offers high-capacity dual-USB charging in a classic, elegant package. Comes with a soft, storage pouch.

BUY ₱1,925

AirPods will forever change the way you use headphones. Whenever you pull your AirPods out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. They work well as regular bluetooth headphones too!

BUY ₱8,990

The Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive is the simple, one-click way to protect and share your entire digital life. The thinnest portable HDD available with up to 2TB of capacity – it’s perfect. And it goes where you go.

BUY ₱3,690

The 2018 Blogger/Author

Gouache Knapsack
Macbook Air 13-in
Asus Zenbook UX310
Designed for city life and travel adventure, The Gouache Knapsack fits your daily work items such as laptops, books, documents and tablets as well as your travel essentials. The bag’s size is just right. A bag that you can bring anywhere and anytime.

BUY ₱2,816


MacBook Air lasts up to an incredible 12 hours between charges. So from your morning coffee till your evening commute, you can work unplugged. When it’s time to kick back and relax, you can get up to 12 hours of iTunes movie playback. And with up to 30 days of standby time, you can go away for weeks and pick up right where you left off.

BUY ₱53,000

Its slim and lightweight design, iconic ZenBook styling, and high-performance components make ZenBook UX430 the take-anywhere powerhouse you won’t want to leave behind, wherever you go. Take more with you, in less space!

BUY ₱35,172

iPad Air 2 32GB
iPhone 7 32GB
Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro
At just 6.1mm, the Apple iPad Air 2 is robust and capable of supporting many needs. It has an awesome 9.7″ Retina display that makes watching video and navigating apps a breeze. Inside, a powerful processor is able to run the most demanding of tasks. A new iSight camera and an improved FaceTime HD camera make it quick and easy to chat with friends and hold meetings.

BUY ₱25,490

A great everyday phone. Snap amazing pictures and handle all your school duties in the comfort of this compact iPhone.

BUY ₱37,490

Whether you are taking photos, shooting videos or live streaming, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro with its SelfieMaster app helps you put your best face forward.

BUY ₱18,710

Asus Zenpower 10,050 mAh
Instax Mini 8
BeatsX Headphones
Lightweight and powerful, the Asus ZenPower keeps up with your modern, dynamic lifestyle–making sure you’re always in the loop and ahead of the pack no matter where you are.

BUY ₱825

Instantly capture your special moments and provide photos using film packs (sold separately). Its easy to operate and helps you to be more creative with your photos.

BUY ₱3,349

BeatsX works as hard as you do. Sleek, light, and compact, these earphones are your perfect wireless companion. They instantly set up – just power on and hold near your iPhone – and then simultaneously connect to your Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Also works as regular bluetooth headphones.

BUY ₱7,198

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 1TB
The Backup Plus Ultra Slim Portable Drive is one of Seagate’s thinnest and most eye-catching portable hard drives. Available in stunning gold and platinum colors- style meets storage- and easily slips into your backpack along with your other essentials.

BUY ₱3,663

The New Year’s Resolution Guide (Part 3: Gadgets and Tech)

Check Out Part 1 and Part 2 here!

You got your New Year’s Resolution set with awesome SMART goals and apps to help you stick to it.

Great! Now it’s time to take a look at the perfect tech to help you own your 2018.