The Shortest History Lesson You Will Ever Read

This story is unlike any other story we’ve ever told you.
And, unlike any other story you’ve ever heard before, this is short.
Probably the shortest historical event in… well… history.

Gather ’round, kids: we’re going to tell you the story of how Geekkery was made!

In 2018, our founding fathers had this brilliant idea of creating our own merch. Seeing as how this brand has cultivated itself as a renowned tech brand, making our own merch seemed like a genius plan.

But they had to think: what should we make first? 


cablescharging cables.
(Our founding fathers, probably)

But they didn’t just want to make any generic or boring type of charging cables, no. They wanted to stand out. BUT HOW?


Make it cool. Not just any type of cool though, but

We looked for the finest textile and linen to incorporate on our cables to make it more cool, and our founding fathers thought
“Hey, why not denim?”

So we picked out the best denim fabric that would not only look stylish, but would also be sturdy and durable.

We toiled day in and day out weaving and stitching every single charging cable we have, crafting the coolest looking piece we could ever create.
Each cable crafted better than the last, we decided to create different colors that’ll fit different personalities!
What’s more, we added a touch of awesomeness by including a leather latch that’ll organize your cables too!
And that’s the end of chapter 1.

Geekkery is the brainchild of Poundit, and we are truly proud of our creation. We have a lot in store for you guys, so expect more super cool things and awesome merch from us.

This is just the beginning.