This Singles’ Day, You’ll Get a Plus 1 When You Shop on Poundit!

Are you bored, lonely, and looking for true love? Are you wandering through life searching for your destined other half? Well, this 11th of November, you might just stumble upon someone—or something—so dear that you’ll fall in love with it at first sight!

On this day, which is celebrated in some places around the world as Singles’ Day, Poundit is giving you the chance to find true happiness with a different kind of “plus one.” Prepare yourselves, for when the clock strikes 12 at midnight of November 11, 2018, we shall launch our Single’s Day Sale!

From that time until the midnight of November 12, you’ll get a free, surprise item when you spend at least PHP1,000 shopping on our website. Your surprise plus one can be any one of the up-for-grab items from awesome brands like Sony, Xiaomi, Gaouache, Genius, Romoss, Promate, and Geekkery—Poundit’s own home-grown brand.


Why We Celebrate Singlehood

Now, Poundit doesn’t purport to be a dating site, but the fact that so many people around the world celebrate Singles’ Day behooves us to see the merit in the festivities, right? After all, Singles’ Day teaches us that it’s absolutely fine not to be in a relationship.

Maybe you don’t have romantic human companionship in your immediate plans because you’re busy doing well in school or clearing some important milestones in your career. Or maybe “the one” just hasn’t shown up yet, and you’re fine with being just by yourself until the right person comes along. Until then, there’s a lot to celebrate about your singlehood—and all around the globe, other people are doing the same thing in some pretty interesting ways.

To get you all excited about this coming holiday, here’s a brief backgrounder on Singles’ Day and the hot deals that you can expect from Poundit on this day.


11/11: The “Singular” Big Holiday You Don’t Know About Yet

In the Philippines, those of us who don’t have romantic dates to attend on Valentine’s Day dub February 14 or 15 as “Singles Awareness Day” or “SAD”—pun perhaps intended. But in 1993, Chinese students at Nanjing University first popularized November 11 as a sort of “anti-Valentine’s Day,” or an occasion to celebrate their freedom as singles. The date 11/11 was chosen because the four digits literally look like four pieces bare sticks. Thus, the Chinese name for the holiday, Guanggun Jie (光棍节, Guānggùn Jié, or Kuang-kun chieh), is literally translated as “Single Sticks’ Holiday.”

In recent years, this de facto holiday has amassed a huge cultural and commercial following. Thanks to the efforts of e-commerce giants like Alibaba, 11/11 has also become known as the day of the world’s biggest online shopping festival. Last 2017, Alibaba earned as much 168.2 billion yuan (or USD 25 billion) from that day’s promos alone—much, much more than the earnings of American retail outlets for the equivalent Western commercial holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One of Alibaba’s closest rivals,, also saw revenues of USD 19 billion from its 11-day shopping festival.

It’s interesting to note that both Alibaba and, high-rollers in the global e-commerce industry, are widening their marketing strategies to cater to all sorts of lifestyles, including those of singles, who are now more than happy to spend the spare cash they have on themselves!


Scoring the Perfect “Plus One” on Poundit

But even if you’re on a smaller budget compared to other bachelors, bachelorettes, NBSBs, or momentarily singles, there are so many reasons to celebrate Singles’ Day on Poundit. Pinoy techies of all kinds, single or otherwise, will have a ball collecting items during our Singles’ Day Sale.

With the wide variety of tech products from Poundit—including smartphones, laptop computers, GoPros and other cameras, headphones, speakers, home appliances, fitness bands, powerbanks, and accessories from some of the world’s top brands—you’re sure to find the right items to keep you company and to ward off your loneliness on this most important day of the year for singles!

Maybe you’re single right now, but in another aspect of your life, you’re destined to find the perfect “plus one.” Head over to Poundit because here, everyone has their perfect match!