Waze Now Available on Ford Car Screens Through Apple CarPlay

Let’s face it: Ford Sync 3’s built-in navigation system isn’t exactly the best one of its kind, especially in the Philippine market. While many Pinoy motorists would much rather have Waze’s accuracy and real-time updates on their dashboard touchscreens, it just hasn’t been an option due to software restrictions.

Today, that all changes as Ford makes good on its CES 2018 promise to make Waze work with their Sync 3 infotainment system via Apple CarPlay. Now, you won’t have to perform complicated modifications just to have the app on your car’s screen. With the latest version of Waze and iOS, all you need to do is connect your iPhone via Lightning cable to one of Ford’s Sync 3 car’s USB port and you’re all set.

Once active, Waze can be controlled through the touchscreen or by using voice commands. The only thing that you can’t do is type locations using your car’s screen, which you probably don’t want to do anyway for safety reasons.

Waze has an edge over Google Maps, Apple Maps and other GPS navigation devices thanks to the ability it gives drivers to share information about traffic, obstructions, accidents and police presence in a particular area. With this information, motorists can find alternate routes to cut down on travel time. If you’ve ever driven in Metro Manila, you already know how precious that is.