What Happens When You Put a GoPro on Animals?

What Happens When You Put a GoPro on Animals?

What are your pets up to when you’re not home? How does the world look like from a wild animal’s POV? Mount a GoPro on animals or film them from afar. The captured videos will be priceless!

We’ve mined some YouTube gems that will make your day (and wreck your productivity today). Enjoy!

1. Clever monkey steals the show… and a GoPro!

A travel vlogger on a Bali trip was about to feed a troop of monkeys and decided to film it with his GoPro.

gopro on animals

Everything’s fine and dandy. The monkeys were minding their own business from a safe distance. The guy was just calm and chill, clueless about the looming danger.

A few seconds later, a monkey grabbed the camera and fled really fast.

The thief’s first order of business: Snap a selfie with his new toy. He stuck out his tongue in an obvious mockery of the gadget’s owner.

gopro on animals

Things took a turn for the worse when the monkey removed the GoPro’s case effortlessly.

gopro on animals

The GoPro owner could only wail in panic: “Yo monkey! No, no, no! That’s a f@#k**g 500-dollar camera!”

A lady nearby came to the rescue, trading the camera for some fruits. All’s well that ends well.

Lesson learned: Never leave your GoPro in the presence of animals. You’ll never know what riot it can cause. You can watch the full video here.

2. Surfing pig battles the waves

Ever seen a surfing pig? Well, now this is a precious find among the videos of GoPro on animals! Enjoy Kama the surfing pig’s POV as she enjoys the waters.

Waves too strong? No worries—Kama can handle them! With a GoPro mounted on the animal’s back, she swims after falling off to get back on the surfboard.

Kama’s water sports prowess gives pig celebrities a run for their money. What say you, Peppa Pig?

3. Dog gets #sepanx while owners are away

Wondering what your furry buddy does each time you leave home? Some pet owners mount a GoPro dog cam on animals to see how they’re doing when they’re home alone.

Dogs are typically clingy, and this Golden Retriever is no exception. With a GoPro Fetch Harness attached to her, the resulting footage will make you go aww.

All the dog did was pace around the house and check the window from time to time.

But the sepanx quickly faded when she heard the door open. Watch the excited dog greeting her human friend by the door.

Isn’t she sweet and adorbs?

4. Cats spy on each other

Think your feline babies just take naps all day? A GoPro may reveal shenanigans your animals are up to. When the human’s away, the cats will play.

Strap a GoPro on their collar to see for yourself how they transform from gentle critters to beasts as powerful as Black Panther.

Meet Lelo the tortoiseshell beauty and Rocco the dashing black kitty. As soon as their owners leave, they start keeping an eye on each other.

From Lelo’s POV…

gopro on animals

Rocco slowly approached Lelo with calculated moves. Notice his tail twitching. Trouble is brewing.

From Rocco’s POV…

gopro on animals

“Back off or you’re screwed!” Lelo threatened her roomie.

Thankfully, the GoPros on the animals managed to survive the chaos unscathed.

5. Brave dog jumps off a cliff

Scared to try cliff diving? Let Lily the cliff jumping dog show you how it’s done without fear.

It’s major coolness to see Lily’s triumph from a spectator’s perspective.

But what is even more amazing is Lily’s POV! If this doesn’t convince you to mount GoPro on animals, we don’t know what will.

6. Golden eagle goes fox hunting

In Western Mongolia, Kazakhs hunt foxes with the help of trained golden eagles. Yes, eagles! See how mighty an eagle looks while spreading her wings.

When a GoPro is mounted on these animals before they fly, the shots look nothing less than spectacular. It’s like flying on the back of the eagle as she hunts for foxes.

Mission accomplished! The golden eagle couldn’t be prouder of herself.

Three words: Astig mo, Lodi!

7. Hammerhead shark swims along the ocean floor

Swimming sharks seem uninteresting. But when you film the animals in 4K using a GoPro Hero 4, the video becomes extraordinary. What more if you put the action camera on a shark?

See how a scuba diver easily mounted a GoPro on a shark’s dorsal fin.

Witness the magical underwater view from the shark’s POV, and let the shark be your underwater tour guide.

Thank heavens for these funny vids of GoPro on animals, our day has been made! You can shoot your own, too! If you don’t have a GoPro yet, check out our GoPro collection here.