Why 2/5 People Fail Their New Year’s Resolution After a Month

Why 2/5 People Fail Their New Year’s Resolution After a Month

Starting 2018 Right: The Poundit.com New Year’s Resolution Guide (Part 1: How to Start)
From “Please be good to me 2018” to “I’ll make 2018 my year”

There are two types of people in this world:

Those who let things happen to them.
And those who make things happen to them.

Every year, we’re greeted by our Facebook feed with New Year’s Resolutions such as “losing weight” or “traveling more” by friends and family.

Inspiring at it seems, the reality is that 45% of people fail at their New Year’s Resolution in just a month.

Hence, memes such as this:

As much as we try to make room for new habits to make our year better, we ALWAYS come across reasons to get bogged down by work or life.

Suddenly the burst of inspiration at the start of the year slowly dies down as we get flooded with work, stress, and the creeping urge to just binge on Netflix rather than hitting the gym.

That’s okay.

Which is why we came up with this guide to make sure you start your 2018 right with the right goals and the right tools to keep them on track.

Are you ready to make 2018 your year? Then let’s dive in.

Forming New Habits
Problem #1: Creating goals“

“This year, I will lose weight.”
“This year, I will explore the Philippines more.”
“This year, I will read more books.”

These may seem like awesome goals to start the year with, but the problem comes when it’s time to chop them into bits that you could follow through with.

How much weight will you lose? How long will it take for you to get there? Is losing 100 kilos in a year even possible for you?

Without clear goals to follow through with, two weeks in you end up looking in the mirror and start thinking to yourself, “Am I losing weight? Is this even worth it?”

Enter, SMART goals.
SMART Goals stand for:

SPECIFIC – What do you want to achieve? Lose weight? Read books? Travel more?

MEASURABLE – How many calories? How many books? How many provinces?

ACHIEVABLE – Enough to challenge you, but defined well enough that you can achieve them.

RELEVANT – Ties into your main goal.

TIME-BOUND – Every week? Every month? Every quarter?

So instead of:

“This year, I will lose weight.”

Turn it into:

“This year, I will lose 12kgs by hitting the gym every week and losing 1kg every month.”

SPECIFIC – Lose 12kgs this year.

MEASURABLE – How much weight? 12kgs this year, 1kg a month, or 0.25kgs a week.

ACHIEVABLE – Tough? Yes. Possible? Definitely.

RELEVANT – Does it tie up with your goal of losing weight? Yep.

TIME-BOUND – 12kgs this year, 1kg a month, or 0.25kgs a week.

Why this works

Rather than becoming like a headless chicken that blindly aims to “lose weight this year”, you’ve made it a promise to yourself to hit the gym and do workouts that help you lose 0.25kgs every week.

Psychologically, 12 kilos this year becomes more believable to yourself when you break it down to just 0.25kgs every week.

Problem #2: Following through with your goals

You came up with your own SMART goal. Great!

Next problem, actually doing it.

Most of us wait for motivation before acting on our goals. We wait for a couple hours waiting for motivation to hit, or maybe watch a couple motivational videos to get off our butts and into the car to head to the gym.

Most of us suck at this. So I propose an alternative: how about we DON’T wait for motivation?

Hacking your New Year’s Resolution : Turning your New Year’s Resolution into a habit

Research (and basically, common sense) shows that doing something against your will over and over again isn’t the best motivator when it comes to coming up with new habits.

So forcing yourself to sit in front of the computer all day to write that book you’ve been wanting to start seems to be the wrong approach.

Working on your New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to suck the fun out of everything.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be confined inside a gym around sweaty equipment. Losing weight could mean riding your bike around the city early in the morning, and ending it with breakfast by that cool organic café with the cute barista.

Starting your book doesn’t have to start with you going through the traffic hell of the Makati CBD, then confining yourself to a Starbucks where you had to wait for 30 minutes for seats to open up. Starting your book could be going up to your apartment rooftop with a cup of coffee in your hand and your laptop in the other, looking over the city skyline while you come up with a name for your lead character.

Getting Started

Ready to get started with a proper New Year’s Resolution that you’ll actually see to the end?

Take a pick from one of the SMART goals below, or use it as inspiration when coming up with one of your own!

Get Moving (Lose weight)

  • “This year, I will lose 12kgs by hitting the gym every week and losing 1kg every month.”
  • “I will cut back on unhealthy food by substituting one meal a day with a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative.”
  • “This year, I will lose weight by limiting my fast food intake to only twice a week.”

Get Out (Travel the world)

  • “I will travel to 4 new provinces this year going to a province I haven’t been to every three months.”
  • “I will try out one new coffee shop a week every weekend this year.”

Get Creative (Start a new creative hobby)

  • “I will shoot, edit, and release one short film a month.”
  • “I will finish a 48-chapter book this year by writing one chapter a week.”
  • “I will post one art photo a week on Instagram.”

Ready to start the year right? Share this post with your SMART goal and we hope you come back tomorrow for the next part of our Starting 2018 Right guide!

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